2023-2024 Estimated Cost of Attendance

Tuition and fees vary by number of credits and programs. You can find Oregon Tech's tuition and fees are available from the Cashier's Office. The additional figures listed below are a general guideline for estimating educational costs. Costs are listed for one academic year. An academic year consists of three ten-week terms.

Tuition & Fees (14 credits per term)

  Base Tuition Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Non-resident
Undergraduate $12,016 $16,913 $33,394
Undergraduate Engineering & Allied Health Programs $15,639 $22,347 $44,927
Full Academic Year Resident WUE Non-Resident
Tuition *and Fees $12,016 $16,913 $33,394
Living Expenses $11,097 $11,097 $11,097

TOTAL (estimated average)

$23,113 $28,010 $44,491
Full Academic Year Resident WUE Non-Resident
Tuition* and Fees $15,639 $22,347 $33,394
Living Expenses $11,097 $11,097 $11,097

TOTAL (estimated average)




Other Expenses Amount
On campus Living Expenses $11,097
Off campus Living Expenses $14,809
Books & Supplies $1,000
Personal & Transportation Expenses $3,632

NOTE: Rates listed are for basic rate majors. For cost of specific differential rate majors please check out our Tuition & Fees page and find the Tuition & Fees by Program link.

* Non-Resident Students (Does not apply to students on any Oregon Tech reciprocity program or the Western Undergraduate Exchange Program).

** Budget is based on single room + highest meal plan for on-campus students. On-campus housing is less with a standard double occupancy room and lower meal plan. See Housing and Residence Life for more details on living expenses.

*** Students in certain high-cost programs – including engineering and allied health degrees – pay what is called differential tuition, a higher tuition rate which ensures that students in lower-cost programs are not subsidizing students in higher cost ones.