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Determine Your Need

How your need for financial aid is determined:
Cost of Attendance at Oregon Tech minus Expected Family Contribution (EFC) = Your Financial "Need"


Here is what Oregon Tech ESTIMATES your costs will be as a student at Oregon Tech during the 2018-19 academic year. The figures are for both Dependent and Independent students, attending full time for 3 terms. There may be additional fees depending on your major at Oregon Tech.

If you are in a program such as Paramedic, Clinical Lab Science, Respiratory Care, Dental Hygiene, or going on Externship, your Cost of Attendance will be different than what is listed below. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at Oregon Tech to determine your accurate budget.

Tuition and Fees (Based on a student taking 14 credits while attending Oregon Tech)
Resident $9,435
Non-Resident $26,299
Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) $13,298
On-Campus $9,579
Off-Campus $11,107
With Parents $2,692
Miscellaneous Expenses
Books and Supplies $1,225
Personal & Transportation $3,958
Campus Parking Permit $109
Matriculation Fee and Transcript for Life fee-New Students (First term of enrollment only) $340
Estimated Total Cost to Attend

Resident Undergraduate

On-Campus $24,252
Off-Campus $26,408
With Parents $17,993

Non-Resident Undergraduate

On-Campus $42,802
Off-Campus $44,958


On-Campus $29,128
Off-Campus $30,656

NOTE: The budgets listed include expenses to support only the student applicant. No expenses are included to support spouses or other dependents. Child Care and other expenses may be allowed with documentation.