Presidential Scholarship

For full consideration of scholarship eligibility, students should be admitted by March 1 for the following Fall term. For more information, go to
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Students accepted prior to March 1 for the following Fall term are automatically considered for presidential scholarships, based on the following:

Freshman (fewer than 36 quarter hour college credits): Lower of SAT/ACT score or HS GPA (if multiple SAT/ACT scores are submitted, we will use the highest score achieved on a single test)

Transfer (36 or more quarter hour credits): Cumulative transfer GPA from all colleges attended
Presidential Scholarship HS GPA (Unweighted, Cumulative) ACT Minimum Score Pre-2016 SAT Minimum Score Post-2016 SAT Minimum Score Resident Award  Non-resident Award 
Winston Purvine  3.76+ 24 Composite 1300 Critical Reading and Math  1360 Total Score  $2,000  $8,000
Jesse Crabtree 3.51 to 3.75 23 Composite
1200 Critical Reading and Math
1270 Total Score
 $1,500  $6,000
Fred Foulon 3.26 to 3.50 22 Composite
1100 Critical Reading and Math
1170 Total Score
 $1,000  $4,000
Jim Owens 3.00 to 3.25 21 Composite 1050 Critical Reading and Math 1130 Total Score
 $500  $2,000

Restrictions and Additional Information

Students enrolled in the OHSU Nursing program, the Medical Lab Science program, the Paramedic Program, and Post-baccalaureate courses are not eligible for these scholarships. Additionally, International Students, students attending Oregon Tech through the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program, students receiving reciprocity, and Online Education are not eligible for these scholarships.

Prior to entering the OHSU Nursing program, Pre-Nursing students are eligible for the scholarships.

Students will be evaluated for eligibility through the admissions application process. Scholarships are awarded to new, fully admitted students. Presidential and Engineering scholarships are renewable up to four years.

Awards may vary depending on level of academic achievement, academic standing, major and financial need.

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