Cristina Crespo
Electrical Eng & Renewable Energy

Dr. Cristina Crespo’s academic and professional background combines science and engineering (BS in Electrical Engineering and Physics, MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, MPhil and PhD in Telecommunications Engineering), management (Stanford SCPM), and patent law (USPTO). Her professional experience includes work as an electronics engineer in the semiconductor industry, as well as a patent agent prosecuting patent cases before the USPTO, with a focus on medical device and computer-implemented inventions. She joined the Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy (EERE) department at Oregon Tech in 2009, where she is a tenured Professor. Her areas of teaching include physics, circuits, and electronics, and she currently serves as the program director for the MS Engineering. She also holds an appointment as a research scholar at the LML Centre of the University of Cambridge. Her current research focuses on innovation and intellectual property of information-age inventions, including computer-implemented inventions and biotechnology.