Dawn Taylor
Associate Professor
Portland-Metro 448
Medical Laboratory Science
Educational Methodology
Adult Education
Organization and Human Resource Education
  • Bachelors of Science in Medical Technology, Illinois State University, USA, 1986
  • Masters of Science in Adult Education/Organization and Human Resource Education, Oregon State University, USA, 2014

Dawn is certified MT(ASCP) by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. She has her BS in  Medical Technology from Illinois State University. She did her internship and later worked at the Methodist  Medical Center of Illinois. She worked as a generalist in the areas of clinical chemistry, hematology,  hemostasis, blood bank and urinalysis. Later, she was night shift lead tech and then specialized in hematology and hemostasis at Oregon Health and Science University. She received her Master’s degree in Adult Education  from Oregon State University.

Dawn's teaching philosophy can be boiled down to this... "Learning happens when there is change.  The type of change may be different for each learning situation. In some cases, it may be a cognitive or knowledge-based change.  It may be a change in mind set, world view or openness to listen to another’s point of view.  In others, the change may present itself in a call to action.  I have discovered that as educators we are mediators of change.  Teaching is about change.  Change is never static.   What works well with one group of students may not fly with the next.  As an educator I am aiming at a moving target.   I constantly must change what I do. One day I was having a discussion with my mentor.  I was lamenting that I never seem to be able to keep  things the same from one term to the next.  I am constantly changing something.  He made a comment that has stuck with me."  He said, 'If you ever stopping changing things or trying to improve your courses... it is time to quit.'  So, I continue to teach, learn and change."