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Meet the Staff and Org Chart


The ITS Department's mission is to assist its clients with their needs in a manner that demonstrates professionalism, ability, commitment and efficiency to drive Oregon Tech to greater levels of success.
Carl Agrifoglio

Carl Agrifoglio, Operating Systems Network Analyst

 Boivin Hall
Woody Blackman

Woody Blackman, Operating Systems Network Analyst 3

 Boivin - Room 145
Scotty Hayes

Scotty Hayes, Information Technology Consultant 3

 Boivin - Room 152
Janelle Knaggs

Janelle Knaggs, Systems Administrator

Lian Li

Lian Li, Analyst Programmer

Travis Miller

Travis Miller, Information Technology Consultant 2

Kathy Stanek

Kathy Stanek, Purchasing Agent 2

 Boivin - Room 128
Tonya Sweaney

Tonya Sweaney, Analyst Programmer 2

Alan Wallace

Alan Wallace, Analyst Programmer 3

 Boivin - Room 145
Connie Atchley

Connie Atchley, Associate Vice President CIO

Megan Clark2

Megan Clark2, Information Technology Consultant 2

Glenn Elfbrandt

Glenn Elfbrandt, Operating Systems Network Analyst

 Boivin - Room 145
Joe Hurlbut

Joe Hurlbut, Operating Sys/Network Analyst

Fred Kowalski

Fred Kowalski, Director - IT Security-Compliance

Raul Pizano

Raul Pizano, Analyst Programmer 3

 Boivin - Room 155
Tony Richey

Tony Richey, Chief Technology Officer

 Boivin - Room 122
LeeHon Tan

LeeHon Tan, Analyst Programmer

 Boivin - 155
Hap Wells

Hap Wells, Analyst Programmer 3