Alumni Spotlight - March 2023

Cody Bulkley '15

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Dreams really do come true! Take a young man from central Oregon with a passion and dream and pair him up with Oregon Tech for success.  Cody Bulkley was born and raised in Redmond, Oregon, and attended Redmond High School. He played basketball and baseball in high school but became more interested in working with computers when the internet and social media were new concepts. He jokes that his dad brainwashed him from a young age to appreciate working on sports cars, his favorite being Corvettes. It was a goal from day one to work at General Motors and specifically on Corvettes.

Cody could visualize the future, aware that vehicles would become much more computerized, so he intentionally took high school courses that prepared him. He took computer building classes and film editing and developed an interest in software engineering. He researched other universities, but after visiting Oregon Tech and meeting with some professors, he knew it was the right place for him to pursue his dreams.

At Oregon Tech's Klamath Falls campus, Cody thoroughly enjoyed his college experience. Recalling Taco Tuesday lunches with his professor Troy Scevers, Cody says, "The professors at OIT…I owe everything to them!" He explains, "The depth and care that the program and the teachers provided was phenomenal." While there's no doubt Oregon Tech challenged him, Cody thinks of himself as very fortunate because he accomplished his goals.

One of Cody's most treasured memories of his time at Oregon Tech was as a member of the Formula SAE program, delivering the computer software engineering perspective and eventually becoming the lead. Cody is very proud that Oregon Tech was the first school to have student-designed software for active aerodynamics on the Formula car instead of outsourcing it. Even though Oregon Tech was one of the smaller schools at the competitions, the Owls had one of the best electrical systems because of what they learned in class, including building a custom gauge on the dash and knowing how to provide the necessary documentation. The friends Cody made while on Formula SAE are still his closest friends today. The university gave him the skills and tools to build parts, validate, test them, and get professional experience at a young age, not to mention the opportunity to drive the vehicles they created. Cody won the Hiram M. Hunt award in 2015 for his work with Formula SAE.

A proud Owl, Cody earned an associate's degree in Software Engineering Technology, a bachelor's in Computer Engineering Technology, and a bachelor's in Embedded Systems Technology from Oregon Tech; then he went on to earn a Master's in Automotive Systems Engineering degree from University of Michigan Dearborn. With a strong skill set and loads of experience, Cody landed his dream job right after graduation from Oregon Tech, working on Corvettes at General Motors. He credits his success in getting this coveted position to his coursework and his work on the Formula SAE teams. His goal was always to work on chassis control systems on Corvettes. Doing just that, he works as a chassis controls integration engineer, specifically developing algorithms, control systems, and parts, then testing them. He then provides feedback and integrates better designs to make better parts, making the car more integrated and fun to drive.

Cody enjoys the thrill of testing out Corvettes worldwide and has been a vital team member that has worked on the 2024 Corvette E-Ray, an electrified all-wheel-drive sports car. He has been at the center of the technology behind integrating this performance-electrified vehicle and is one of the few people who has been introducing the car to the media. Cody has recently been featured in articles by Motortrend and on NBC’s Today show, debuting the E-Ray’s capabilities on ice at the Rockefeller Center ice rink in New York City. Read more about Cody and the Corvette E-Ray in the MotorTrends article: . Then watch him in action on YouTube at: and .

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Currently based in Michigan, Cody lives with his partner, Ashley, and their six-year-old daughter, Mia. Like father, like daughter, future Oregon Tech Owl Mia is already racing go-carts! His hobbies outside of work are the same as during work, at the racetrack driving cars. His advice for students is, "Find your passion and follow it!" After one conversation with Cody, you too will believe in the power of chasing your dreams. We are grateful for alumni like him who are so passionate about their alma mater.

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Cody gives kudos to his parents, Lori and Roger, who supported him from the onset, when he was drawing Corvettes in the third grade, and never let him give up on his dreams. He also wants to extend his most profound appreciation to his former professors, Todd, Troy, Randy, and Ralph, who always believed in him.