The Oregon Institute of Technology (“Oregon Tech”) Board of Trustees endorsed the bold vision for the university outlined at its October 26th meeting on the Klamath Falls Campus. Dr. Nagi Naganathan, Oregon Tech’s president since April of this year, laid out an ambitious strategy to ensure that the state’s only public polytechnic university continues and accelerates its trajectory of success for its students.

President Naganathan outlined his vision for Oregon Tech to the Board, that Oregon Tech will become an established world leader among polytechnic institutions, enjoying a reputation as ‘industry’s university’ that nurtures the best of professionals for engineering, health, business, and technology fields; as well as emphasizing hands-on undergraduate and graduate education and applied research.

To help realize the vision, President Naganathan spoke of the need for a vibrant beginning and shared a dynamic, short-term action plan focusing on: increasing the reputational capital of the university, enrollment, and student and campus diversity; providing spaces and incentives for faculty innovation; investing in professional development opportunities for faculty and staff; focusing on university pride; improving efficacy of business operations; expanding relationships and outreach to alumni and donors; and continuing to leverage Oregon Tech’s academic and industry partnerships.

Dr. Lisa Graham, Chair of Oregon Tech’s Board of Trustees said, “This is certainly a bold vision for the university, and I believe it is precisely what Oregon Tech needs now to continue to meet the needs of industry and the state for a strong technology and healthcare workforce.” She added, “Our results today are tremendous, with a 95% graduate success rate and high starting salaries. But we need to get the word out about our value proposition and how our industry connections build a strong workforce and strengthen our regional economy in ways that attract and retain companies and jobs in Oregon. This action plan is going to be a game-changer for the university.”

Board members endorsed and accepted the action plan and expressed support for the strategy that they feel will accelerate Oregon Tech’s ability to serve Oregonians now and in the future.

President Naganathan noted, “In achieving our goals, we will become Oregon’s Institute of Technology, with benefits that will impact all of our stakeholders. I’m excited to work with our Board, faculty, staff, students, and external partners to realize this vision for Oregon Tech.”