An agreement was signed today between Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech) and Mazama High School to begin a collaboration in “STEM&M.” The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by Oregon Tech President Chris Maples, Klamath County School District Superintendent Greg Thede, Klamath County School Board Vice Chair Steve Lowell, Mazama High School Principal Steve Morosin, and Mazama High School Associate Student Body Co-Presidents Amber Lease and Kattie Dwyer.
The agreement is in recognition of common academic interests with the intention of encouraging closer institutional ties and developing beneficial scholarships for students. The program, titled STEM&M, focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, with the added “M” for Medical pathways. The intention is to develop and maintain a relationship in the area of STEM&M, dual credit courses, student and faculty visits, mentoring opportunities, and information sharing to benefit students. The STEM&M faculty work together to create a collegial environment and sponsor multiple extra-curricular activities for STEM&M participants each year. Applications will be accepted beginning January 25, 2016 from freshmen and sophomores for the inaugural year. In subsequent years, students will apply to begin the program in their sophomore year.
The collaboration particularly focuses on the following items:
  • To invite faculty, staff and administrators from the partnering institutions to visit for the purpose of becoming acquainted with each other’s programs and operations, develop and enhance the cooperative mechanism, and further expand areas of cooperation.
  • That students who receive a STEM diploma from Mazama will be certified as meeting Oregon Tech’s admission requirements and will be guaranteed acceptance into Oregon Tech.
  • That Oregon Tech will work with Mazama to ensure that all interested students can visit and tour the Klamath Falls and/or Wilsonville campuses. The visits will be arranged to provide students the most exposure to their particular interests.
  • That Mazama High School will promote Oregon Tech’s programs of study, when appropriate, and annually identify students who are interested and academically prepared for undergraduate study at Oregon Tech.
  • That Mazama will invite Oregon Tech faculty to be guest lecturers and speakers for classes and other venues.
  • That Oregon Tech will, as appropriate, provide STEM&M students with mentoring provided by Oregon Tech students and faculty, working to match interests and talents so the mentoring is as effective as possible.
  • That Oregon Tech and Mazama will provide appropriate dual credit courses and provide access to on campus courses for the purpose of enhanced higher education opportunities for qualified STEM&M students.
  • That Oregon Tech will provide tuition assistance for dual credit courses for qualified STEM&M Mazama students when appropriate and work with Mazama to secure funding to purchase textbooks when necessary.
  • That Oregon Tech will work with Mazama to identify possible scholarships for STEM&M students to attend Oregon Tech after high school graduation.
  • That Oregon Tech will work to develop a method to identify seats in selective programs that will be made available to Mazama STEM&M students who meet the selection criteria and are deemed worthy candidates by the program faculty.
  • That Oregon Tech will provide workshops on financial aid, applying for college and scholarships for Mazama students.
The agreement goes into effect immediately and programs will begin as soon as possible during the academic year 2016-2017.
For more information, contact Marla Edge, Director of Academic Agreements, at 541.885.1034 or