US Veteran Magazine 2022

Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech) was acknowledged by U.S. Veterans Magazine 2022 as a Top Veteran-Friendly School. U.S. Veterans Magazine annually ranks four-year colleges and universities based on which ones do the most for U.S. veterans.

According to U.S. Veterans Magazine, the annual review is an evaluation of the nation’s employers, initiatives, government agencies, and educational institutions. U.S. Veterans Magazine states the reviews are non-biased studies and valuable resources for job-seekers, business owners, students, consumers, senior management, business associations, employment agencies, and consumer groups.

For 75 years, Oregon Tech has remained dedicated to supporting active military personnel and veterans of today with an educational pathway that will prepare them for a prosperous future.

Active military members benefit from pathways to Oregon Tech, such as  Base to Bachelor’s and the Air University Associate Baccalaureate Cooperative, which promote college access and affordability.

Benefits for active military and veterans include unlimited funding for the Yellow Ribbon Program and adherence to the Section 702 Choice Act to benefit out-of-state student veterans. Oregon Tech’s on-campus resources continue to expand with a Veteran Resource Center in Klamath Falls, a Veteran Lounge at Portland-Metro, and dedicated veteran and service member support. For more information about Oregon Tech’s Student Veteran Program, visit

The 2022 Top Veteran-Friendly Schools list can be found on the U.S. Veterans Magazine website.