Build a Stronger Workforce

As technology and industries change, so do the skills required to operate and run a business. At Oregon Tech, we build partnerships with local and regional companies and help them stay ahead of today's dynamic needs. Through our professional development program, we provide current and future employees with solid technical and problem-solving skills. In the end, we not only help employees build better skill sets, we help companies create future leaders.

Through our education programs, we develop industry-relevant curriculum that helps employees who are enrolled in Oregon Tech's bachelor's and master's degree programs gain relevant skills for their current and future positions within the company. In turn, this allows our education model to adapt to an industry's changing business needs by offering short courses and professional development.

For our business partners, these programs help more than just their bottom line. They are able to:

  • Send their employees to Oregon Tech and support their advancement inside their organizations.
  • Provide opportunities for senior projects and internships to retain and recruit the best and brightest workers.
  • Collaborate with Oregon Tech to develop short courses for groups of workers - inside their own organizations, or with their own supply chain partners, or a cluster of companies that has similar skill needs.
  • Assist Oregon Tech in developing innovative labs through donations or use of equipment, facilities, or staff.
  • Conduct research in collaboration with Oregon Tech's undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Promote and advocate for Oregon Tech business and policy forums.