Confidential, free counseling services are offered by Leanne Reed, LPC to students attending the Portland-Metro Campus. Counseling can help with a variety of personal, educational, and family issues. Crisis counseling is also available. Ongoing counseling is available free of charge to students enrolled in six or more on-campus credits. Sometimes students are referred to services off-campus to better address their needs. Leanne is also available to consult with faculty, staff, and students who want advice on how to help students with problems.

Meet Leanne Reed, LPC, Portland-Metro Counselor

To Schedule an Appointment:

  • Call the Portland-Metro Counseling Services at 503-821-1313. They are available
    Monday - Thursday 8 am- 5 pm. 
  • Stop by Counseling Services at Room 235*.

*In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Portland Metro Counseling has gone online. Appointments are available via phone and video conferencing. In case of a mental health emergency during this time, call the health center at Klamath Falls at 541-885-1800 or the Clackamas County Crisis line at 503-655-8585. You may also visit the Clackamas County Urgent Mental Health Walk-In Clinic.

In Crisis?

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and your safety is at risk, call 9-1-1 immediately or go directly to your local emergency room. If experiencing a non-life threatening mental health crisis, please reference the following information. During daytime hours Monday – Thursday, please come to Counseling Services, Room 235 and ask to meet with the counselor. If the door is closed or no one is available, call the Integrated Student Health Center in Klamath Falls at 541-885-1800. If outside of normal office hours, please call the Clackamas County crisis line at 503-655-8585 or go to the Clackamas County Urgent Mental Health Walk-In Clinic. All Oregon Tech students may access the following national crisis line services 24 hours a day: Text-based support at; National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-SUICIDE; and National Hopeline Network, 1-800-442-HOPE. Students may also access the Ulifeline website, which is dedicated to supporting college students who need help and reducing the risk of suicide among college students.

Counseling FAQ

Yes. They are not part of your academic record and are held with the same level of privacy as medical records.

No.  Sessions are free to students who are taking at least 6 hours and/or pay the health fee. If you are taking few hours, you can opt-in by paying the minimal health fee.

Yes, as long as you are present.  Couples counseling is also available.

Counseling can help with a number of concerns students may be experiencing, including (to name a few) anxiety, mood problems, grief, family/relationship issues, trauma recovery, substance abuse, parenting, academic difficulties, interpersonal problems, and severe mental illness.  It can be short-term or ongoing while you are a student.

Call the counseling services line for the Portland-Metro campus at 503-821-1313.  You can also stop by the Associate Provost's Office and schedule with Brenda OR you can come up to the Counseling Office in room 235 (2nd floor) and, if the door is open, I’m happy to help.  Email isn’t considered a confidential means of communication, so it’s not recommended.

Come by Room 235 to see if the counselor is available.  If not, call Student Health at 541-885-1800.  Tell them you are in crisis and need to talk to someone.  If it’s after-hours and you need to speak to someone right away, contact the Clackamas County crisis line at 503-655-8585.  Crisis contact information and procedures are also posted outside the counseling office door.

You can begin counseling at any time, though most seek counseling when personal problems are hindering general happiness or success in any area of life.  The earlier the better!

Yes.  The counselor on campus is a Licensed Professional Counselor which requires rigorous education and experience equivalent to what is required in the community, with the addition of experience counseling college students and knowledge of Oregon Tech.

Come up to the 2nd floor, turn left before the ASOIT Office, go through the glass doors and talk to Brenda in the office right in front of you. She can help with information and also make appointments. You may also come by the counseling office in room 235 and talk directly with Leanne (the counselor). If the door is open, you are welcome to come in. You may also call the Counseling Services line at 503-821-1313.  Consultations are also available if you want to learn more about counseling and how it might help you.

Portland-Metro Counseling Services

Room 235