Alumni Spotlight: Jason Sullins, Electronics Engineering Technology

Jason Sullins grew up in rural Boring, Oregon, as a third-generation Oregonian. Raised in the country, much of Jason's childhood was spent building things, inventing, and working in construction with his father, which cultivated much of the creativity and resourcefulness used later in his engineering career. Growing up well below the poverty level, Jason took it upon himself to build a college savings account.

Students in Oregon Tech’s Professional Writing Class Work with Blue Zones to Obtain Nearly $10k in Grants

As part of assistant professor and co-director of Professional Writing at Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech), Amber Lancaster, Ph.D., tasked her students to partner with professional clients to pursue funding for a number of community projects. The result of two of those projects amounted to $9,500 in grant funding awarded to the Klamath Falls Blue Zones Project.