Our Vision

Polytechnic cultural competency means being able to respectfully interact with diverse populations right now. We realize that our students need to be prepared to thrive in a diverse workplace and world, that means knowing how to understand difference and communicate with folks and communities from varying backgrounds.

When we think of polytechnic cultural competency we consider designing databases that have inclusive gender options, developing culturally sensitive health interventions for Native populations, intervening in sexual harassment at a work site, or being a good collaborator on an international team. Oregon Tech can add to this conversation by centering cultural competency on the applied end.

We want to make sure students, faculty, staff, and alumni have the opportunity to improve their cultural competencies. This initiative is building on our existing courses, trainings, divisions, and resources, recognizing both that we have faculty and staff expertise on some of these issues, and we can always benefit from outside experts from education and industry.

With the support of the institution, we can make a significant contribution to diversity and inclusion in polytechnic higher education, as well as make Oregon Tech a better place.