Diversity, Inclusion, & Cultural Engagement (DICE) Steering Committee

Each public institution of higher education shall establish a process for recommending and providing oversight for the implementation of cultural competency standards for the public institution of higher education and the institution’s employees. The process established under this subsection must:

  • Include a broad range of institutional perspectives.
  • Give equal weight to the perspectives of administrators, faculty members, staff, and students.
  • Require that the institution provide continuing training and development opportunities that foster the ability of the institution’s faculty, staff, and administration to meet cultural competency standards.
  • Propose institution-wide goals that seek to improve the cultural inclusion climate for students, faculty, staff, and administration from diverse backgrounds.
  • Require preparation of a biennial report that is presented to the appropriate board regarding the institution’s progress toward achieving the goals set forth in this subsection.
  • Recommend mechanisms for assessing how well the institution meets cultural competency standards.
  • Ensure that the institution clearly communicates to new faculty, staff, and administrators the institution’s commitment to including meeting cultural competency standards in professional development.


DICE Committee Chair

DICE Subcommittees

Data Equity Scorecard

Chair - Dr. Jennifer Wilson

Diversity Action Plan

Chair - Dr. Jennifer Wilson

Klamath Tribes MOU

Chair - Shawni Cayetano-Ramos

Polytechnic Cultural Competency

Chair - Franny Howes