Image shows ACES graphic with text that says "ACES, Access & Campus Equity Services facilitates access to Oregon Tech programs and services for individuals with disabilities through accommodations, education, consultation, and advocacy" with the ADA parking symbol, a symbol for Braille, a symbol for sign language, and a symbol for neural diversity.

ACES Resource Guide for Faculty and Staff

Oregon Tech is committed to providing equal opportunity to higher education for academically qualified students. Access & Campus Equity Services (ACES), formerly Disability Services, was established to provide leadership and assistance to Oregon Tech to comply with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities act of 1990.

Faculty and staff with questions regarding student accommodations are welcome to contact their ACES staff directly. Hannah Zhang, PT, DPT, serves the Klamath Falls campus, and Pablo Monreal, MA, serves the Portland-Metro campus and students taking online courses.

Recommendation for Syllabus Statement

It is the responsibility of the student with a qualifying condition to contact Access & Campus Equity Services (ACES) and discuss their eligibility for assistance or academic accommodations. However, some students may be unaware of their rights to ACES services. We recommend our faculty to include the following statement in their syllabi, in order to encourage students to contact ACES staff regarding their accommodations:

"If you believe you have a condition that qualifies you to receive academic accommodations, please contact Access & Campus Equity Services (ACES) to discuss your eligibility, at

Rights and Responsibilities for Students and Faculty

Students with disabilities have the right to:
  • Participate in higher education if they are qualified for admission
  • Equal access to academic content and educational opportunities
  • Participate in student activities
  • Academic adjustments (reasonable accommodations)
  • Confidentiality on all disability related information
  • File a formal and/or informal complaint if discrimination occurs
Students with disabilities are required to:
  • Identify themselves to ACES office and set an intake appointment
  • Provide required documentation of disabilities and complete required forms within timelines established on ACES Handbook
  • Meet with ACES staff every term to discuss accommodation needs and current class schedule
  • Discuss with faculty how accommodations will be applied to within each class
Faculty have the right to:
  • Maintain the fundamental nature of their course content and objectives
  • Consult with ACES staff if an accommodation seems unreasonable
  • Request an official accommodation letter from ACES before providing accommodations
Faculty have a responsibility to:
  • Ensure full access for students with disabilities by responding to a student’s need or request for accommodations in a timely manner
  • Work with ACES to provide requested accommodations 
  • Implement best practices for teaching diverse learners
  • Maintain confidentiality of students who disclose a qualifying condition
  • Include a syllabus statement on how students can access accommodations
If you have any questions, please contact your ACES staff.