What is ALPs?

Are you frustrated because you want to take more of those fun art, literature, or philosophy classes but don’t because it isn't part of your major? Minor in ALPs!

With an ALPs minor, you'll leave Oregon Tech with the critical thinking and communication abilities required to be a global citizen and lifelong learner. You'll also have a much better grasp of the "soft skills" employers seek than the average Oregon Tech student. If you want to develop these skills through a highly customizable minor with courses designed to parallel your major classes while also being valuable and enjoyable in their own right, then ALPs is for you!

ALPs is made up of courses in Arts, Literature, and Philosophy, and it allows you to chart your own 18-credit “route” to the minor’s “summit,” depending on your specific interests. Some subjects that previous ALPs graduates have focused on include:

  • Visual Art
  • Literature
  • Ethics
  • Philosophy of Science

Or, you can complete the minor in whatever way you see fit, as long as you meet the General Requirements.

General Requirements for ALPs:

  1. Students must take 18 credits of coursework with ART, HUM, LIT, MUS, or PHIL prefixes.
  2. At least 12 of these 18 credits must be upper-level credits (300-level or above).
  3. Transfer students must take at least 9 of their minor credits at Oregon Tech.
  4. All students must take one of the 3-credit Core Courses, which are listed below:
    LIT 253 19th Century American Literature
    LIT 254 20th Century American Literature
    LIT 255 Contemporary American Literature
    HUM 105 Everyone's a Critic: Texts, Images, Games
    HUM 125 Introduction to Technology, Society and Values
    HUM 147 Western Culture in the Classical Age
    HUM 148 Western Culture in the Medieval Age
    HUM 149 Western Culture in the Modern Age
    PHIL 105 Intro to Ethics
    PHIL 205 Intro to Logic
    ART 215 Design Arts and Aesthetics
    ART 220 Basic Drawing

So, What Humanities Courses Count Toward ALPs?

View our program flier here for a full list of eligible courses.

If you've started working on your 9-credit humanities General Education requirement, you already have some credits that will count toward ALPs!

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