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Peer Consulting Services

peer consulting services

What is

Peer Consulting?

Peer Consulting is a completely free academic support service available for all students of Oregon Tech. We provide academic assistance in all areas, majors, and courses offered at Oregon Tech.

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What We Offer

Consulting Across Campus

Sometimes circumstances may require someone come to you. Our Consulting Across Campus allows students the opportunity to study with a consultant in a variety of settings around campus. Whether you meet your consultant in the biology lab, the Res Hall lobby, or the Peer Consulting Center, our consultants are here to help you! Consultant schedule and location information can be found on PCS Online.

Drop In Consulting

Do you just want a place to study where someone is there to help if you need them? Maybe you need some help right now and can’t make an appointment for later. You can drop in without an appointment and work with a consultant or study on your own. The complete drop in consulting schedule is available via PCS Online.

Group Consulting and Study Sessions

Bring your friends and classmates with you to the Peer Consulting Center and work collaboratively on projects, study for exams or quizzes, or have a Consultant lead you in group discussion and studying.

One-on-One Consulting Appointments

You can set up a single 30 or 60 minute session with a Consultant as needed or set up recurring, weekly appointments for extended help. You can view available times and consultants, and make those appointments via PCS Online.

Online and Distance Education Consulting

Does your schedule keep you from visiting us during our regular or extended hours? We offer online help via PCS Online designed to help you when and where it best meets your schedule. PCS Online features voice, video, and text chat as well as file sharing, interactive whiteboards, equation builders, and more for a fully functional consulting session.

Online Writing Lab

Submit your papers through TECHweb's Online Writing Lab to have a consultant review it. Please allow up to 36 hours for a response from one of our writing consultants.

Still have questions? Look at our Frequently Asked Questions!

Peer Consulting Services Online

Peer Consulting Services (PCS) Online is a web-based scheduling platform for Oregon Tech students to check our schedule and make appointments for a FACE-TO-FACE consultation with a peer consultant. 

With PCS Online, you can:

  • View the drop-in consulting schedule
  • Schedule individual face-to-face consulting appointments
  • Reschedule or cancel individual consulting appointments as needed
  • Schedule group appointments for study sessions with your friends and classmates
  • Share files and documents with a Consultant for review and advice
  • …and so much more!