Frequently Asked Questions

Am I guaranteed a spot in TOP when I apply?

No. Only students who fit the eligibility criteria will be admitted to TOP. TOP also has eligibility percentage criteria that it must demonstrate to meet our federal government objectives, so selection is also based on meeting these standards as well.

How long should I expect to hear back about my application?

Staff work quickly to process applications, but give us a few weeks to process your application. If you are new to Oregon Tech and are applying for Bridge as well, you should hear back from us before mid-August after all new student registration events have taken place.

How will I hear back about my application?

Staff will contact you via your Oregon Tech email account with information on your TOP status.

What exactly is a Trio program?

TOP is a Student Support Services Trio grant program that is federally funded by the Department of Education.

What must I do to stay active with TOP?

Students must follow the Program Participation Requirements and activities related to their Personal Success Plan in order to stay active in TOP.

How can I apply for TOP funding?

Students should review TOP award criteria to see if they are eligible to apply. If eligible, they should contact their TOP Academic Specialist for application materials.