Healthy Active Challenge

We are excited that you and possibly a partner (2 people total) are willing to try to improve your health and fitness this year. This year we are using a calendar to keep us in track for the 2022 Healthy Active Challenge. Each day we will suggest that you try something new to keep yourself fit, healthy and happy. Every time you do a challenge you will earn points which can recorded on your scorecard.

At the end of each week, add up your points and report them the following Monday. A week runs Monday - Sunday. Highest scores at the end of each week, earn prizes (sent through Amazon). Also, every time your report points you earn FREE DRAWING ENTRIES. We will have a FREE drawing at the end of the challenge for our FREE drawing prizes.

Purpose: To improve health by increasing physical activity, mindfully consuming food and water, trying something new and having fun with your friends, at a safe distance.

When: Monday, January 31- February 28, 2022

Click on the calendar image to read the full event descriptions and find the Zoom links. 
Healthy Active Challenge 2022

How it Works

Participants will earn points during the weekly nutritional and physical challenges. Every week we will have weekly winners for both types of participants; “Teams of Two” (either two students or two faculty/staff members) or “individual participants.”  Reporting points can be done via the app on the Healthy Active tab or using this form.

Points can be reported any time on Monday. An online score card will help you track your points so reporting will be easy. Point calculation is done on the honors system. Please keep your score honest.  At the end of the challenge, we will hold a FREE drawing for prizes for all participants. Additionally, every time you report points or attend a Bonus Class Webinar your name will be entered into a drawing for end of the challenge prizes.

The challenge begins Jan. 31st and ends Feb 28th at 11:59pm. Final points must be reported on Monday, March 7th. Please report final points by 11:59pm.

When to turn in points: Report total team points every Monday that follows the end of a week. A week will run Monday-Sunday, e.g. the first week of the challenge runs Jan. 24- 28. Report points for week #1 on Monday, Jan. 31st, anytime up to 11:59pm. You can do so via the Oregon Tech app or via this website.  Late points will not be counted, but all activities will still earn free drawing entries.

The TEAM or INDIVIDUAL with the most points at the end of each week will be declared the weekly winner. We will have new winners each week. Points can be tracked on the Scorecard provided. You may be asked to explain your points if they are outrageously high and show your scorecard.

Every time you participate in reporting points, a Bonus Class Webinar or Kahoots game, you will be entered into a drawing for our end of the challenge prizes. There will be 5 winners total and winners can choose from a list of prizes. All prizes will be purchased for you from Amazon and sent directly to your home or residence hall address.


If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Jennifer Bavarskas at or via phone at 541.885.1800. If you prefer you can always chat with Jennifer on TEAMS.