Helpful Hints for LinkedIn:

Setting up your LinkedIn profile - Are you new to LinkedIn?  Use these helpful articles to assist you with setting up your profile.  Remember, this is a professional social media profile that potential employers will be viewing.  Think of it as a preview for employers to get to know you prior to your interview.

Customize your Linked-In public profile URL and include it in your resume - Your LinkedIn public profile is a streamlined version of your profile that shows up in search engine results, and is visible to people who aren't signed in to LinkedIn.  Employers and recruiters may view your public profile as part of their application review process.

Using LinkedIn to build your professional network - Your professional network on LinkedIn is essentially a professional directory that is specific to each LinkedIn member. It is made up of the number of professionals you personally know. You can begin building your professional network by connecting with professional contacts that you know and trust.

Find and join a LinkedIn Group - Grow your professional network by finding and joining LinkedIn groups associated with your trade, professional interests, or professional affiliations.

Other Networking Sites:

Career & Business Groups in Portland, OR

Klamath County Chamber of Commerce - Check out their Events and their Programs pages for opportunities to network with businesses based in Klamath County.

Professional Associations