Research and Service for a Healthier Community

Oregon Tech’s Population Health Management Research Center (PHMRC) was founded in September of 2015 as a community-based, collaborative organization contributing to research and programs that support community health. The PHMRC is located off campus, and serves as an academic hub for research partnerships in an environment that offers students experiential learning in a professional setting.

The mission of the PHMRC is to provide research, evaluation, and programming to partner organizations in the government, private, and not for profit sectors. The PHMRC team includes academic consultants, student externs, and support staff who work collaboratively on sponsored projects. Visit our projects page to learn more about how Oregon Tech’s Population Health Management Students are making a difference in their community.

Student Projects

Community collaborations support the academic quality of Oregon Tech programs, enabling faculty to be engaged professionally at the cutting edge of their fields while immediately translating professional development into curricula. Consults provided by the PHMRC offer a wealth of academic expertise, a strong network of affiliated institutions with professional expertise, and a growing cohort of student externs receiving state of the art training in Population Health Management.

The Interdisciplinary Team: Faculty Consultants at the PHMRC

  • Dr. Sophie Nathenson, Ph.D., Population Health Management
  • Dr. Kyle Chapman, Ph.D., Population Health Management
  • Jeff Dickson, MS., Health Informatics
  • Aja Bettencourt-McCarthy, M.S., Resource Specialist
  • Dr. John Ritter, Geographical Information Systems
  • Joe Reid, Applied Statistics
  • Oregon Health and Sciences University
  • Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute, Biostatistics
  • OHSU Evaluation Core, Program Evaluation
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Klamath Falls, OR 97601