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Cyber Security Services for Companies

Oregon Tech's "teaching hospital" for cyber security services offers companies accessible, affordable defenses against today's common threats and intrusions.

Every organization, regardless of size, must have protected systems for themselves as well as their customers, clients and other stakeholders so they are not damaged financially or from a privacy or fraud cybercrime incident. Being proactive when it comes to cyber protection is a must in order to prevent damage, a data breach or worse.

The Cyber Defense Center at the Oregon Institute of Technology – or Oregon Tech – works primarily with small- and medium-sized companies and government entities in Oregon and SW Washington to provide a menu of cyber security services. Operated out of its Portland-Metro Campus in Wilsonville, Oregon under a "teaching hospital" model, Oregon Tech students in the Information Technology degree program work with the CDC director to offer affordable cybersecurity services at a high quality level.

Menu of Cyber Security Services

Organizations from nonprofits to dental clinics to small financial companies can get a number of services through the CDC to ensure that their cyber systems are secure from threats and intrusions that can impact an organizations credibility and data integrity.

Phase 1: Oregon Tech's CDC offers organizations a free cybersecurity assessment. CDC's highly skilled student pre-professionals will first complete a free cyber scan and produce a report of potential or real vulnerabilities. At that point, the organization can decide if they want Oregon Tech's CDC to complete any of the other services in its cyber menu.

Phase 2: After the cyber scan is completed, organizations can decide to engage the CDC for any or all of the following services:

  1. Vulnerabilities audit: a complete scan of a company’s cyber environments
  2. Continuous monitoring of a company's technology systems
  3. Complete management of all cyber environments for a company

CDC Blog

Oregon Tech's CDC helps train students on the same type of security protections against intrusions and threats that they will see once they are hired in the field...read more

Teaching Hospital Model Benefits Companies and Workforce

Oregon Tech is well known for its applied approach to education and professional practice in all of its degree areas, from engineering to technology to allied health degrees. Its bachelor's and master's degree programs embed students in real-world environments where they are challenged as problem-solvers, work with organizations on actual assignments, complete applied research in communities, and engage in internships, externships and capstones that ensure workforce readiness. Industry members hire Oregon Tech graduates at high rates, often making offers prior to graduation, leading to very high success rates and starting salaries.

Oregon Tech's CDC is not meant to compete with established firms who offer cybersecurity services to organizations. Instead, it is filling a huge gap in the education and training of cybersecurity professionals with a highly effective “on the job” experience. This ensures a diverse and professionally educated group of technology specialists who will lead in a field that faces new and often daunting challenges in a constantly changing arena. More than ever, organizations are scrambling to meet demand against cybercrime, dangerous and expensive hacking, and impingement on privacy and financial integrity of individuals and organizations.

Student interns are paid employees and work with the CDC Director to develop and analyze solutions customized to each organization's specific issues. The program works in the same model as a "teaching hospital" with the "residents" and "doctor" approach, in which students are learning on the job under the direction and tutelage of the CDC Director and senior management. This positions students for the high-demand field of Cybersecurity upon graduation, which now has far more demand than the current pool of highly trained professionals.

Cyber Defense Partners with the CDC

Because of the shortage of a cyber security workforce across the country, several cyber defense firms provide software, firewalls and comprehensive defense services products worth over $1 million to Oregon Tech to help produce a strong, highly trained cadre of professionals. Top companies (including those listed below) partner with Oregon Tech's CDC, to help train students on the same type of security protections against intrusions and threats that they will see once they are hired in the field.

For More Information:

Brian Page

Brian Page, Director - Cyber Defense Center

Brian Page, Director of Oregon Tech's Cyber Defense Center, has more than 20 years experience in cyber security and related ISP environments. Starting out in the early days of firewalls, Page has worked as a consultant, re-seller, and in the manufacturing sides of cyber security.

Page currently works for Fortinet, serving Fortune 500 companies' needs for cyber security services. With a strong desire to "give back", Page is committed to helping train the next generations of the region's cyber defense workforce, and ensuring a strong pipeline of "home grown" professionals who can meet the growing needs in this field.