Meet the Business Management Faculty

Oregon Tech business and technology courses are taught by former corporate executives, industry managers, and CPAs who stay connected with workforce demands to give students a competitive advantage. They are also dedicated teachers with impressive academic credentials who provide students with plenty of individual attention.

Department Chair

Hallie Neupert

Program Directors 

Health Informations Jeff Dickson
Information Technology Jeff Dickson
Management (Small Business) Sharon Beaudry
Management (Marketing) Kristy Weidman
Management (Accounting) Carmen Morgan 
Technology and Management Maureen Sevigny 
Operations Management  Pat Schaeffer 
Health Care Management  Hallie Neupert 
Management Distance Education Maureen Sevigny 
Cybersecurity Tracey Coon

Richard Bailey

Richard Bailey, Professor

 Owens 117
Meet Richard Bailey
Sandra Bailey

Sandra Bailey, Professor

 Owens 146
Meet Sandra Bailey
Sharon Beaudry

Sharon Beaudry, Associate Professor

 Owens 138
Meet Sharon Beaudry
Don DaSaro

Don DaSaro, Assistant Professor

 Owens 140
Meet Don DaSaro
Jeff Dickson

Jeff Dickson, Associate Professor

 Owens 149
Meet Jeff Dickson
Jared Emard

Jared Emard, Assistant Professor

Meet Jared Emard
Carmen Morgan

Carmen Morgan, Associate Professor

 Owens 136
Meet Carmen Morgan
Hallie Neupert

Hallie Neupert, Professor, Department Chair

 Owens 148
Meet Hallie Neupert
Pat Schaeffer

Pat Schaeffer, Associate Professor

 Owens 119
Meet Pat Schaeffer
Kristy Weidman

Kristy Weidman, Associate Professor

 Owens 139
Meet Kristy Weidman
Dan Carrere

Dan Carrere, Assistant Professor

Meet Dan Carrere
Grant Kirby

Grant Kirby, Associate Professor

Meet Grant Kirby
Tracey Coon

Tracey Coon, Assistant Professor

Meet Tracy Coon
Lindy Stewart

Lindy Stewart, Assistant Professor

Meet Lindy Stewart
Maureen Sevigny

Maureen Sevigny, Distance Ed Program Director

Meet Maureen Sevigny
Laurie Yates

Laurie Yates, Visiting Professor



Gary Lomprey

Gary Lomprey, Assistant Professor