Associate Professor
Humanities and Social Sciences
Medical Sociology
Aging of the Life Course
Social Determinants of Health
Health Behaviors
Chronic Disease
Health Professions
  • Doctor of Philosophy Sociology with specializations in Medical Sociology and Gerontology (Aging), University of Kansas, 2016
  • Master of Arts Sociology, Texas Tech University, 2011
  • Bachelor of Arts Sociology, Texas Tech University, 2008
  • Bachelor of Arts Mass Communication, Texas Tech University, 2008

Since coming to Oregon Tech in 2016, Dr. Chapman has worked to strengthen the Population Health Management program. The program provides students with a health-specific sociological education that is applicable to the fields of public health and health care. He teaches courses in medical sociology, research methods, and social inequality at Oregon Tech. Dr. Chapman has conducted a range of research on the role of social factors in physical and mental health conditions at both community- and population-levels. His specific interests are in aging, chronic disease, health care professionals, educational disparities, and health behaviors.

Recently, he has worked on projects studying a range of topics including: patients who recurrently miss medical appointments; head and neck cancer screenings in dental clinics; suicide screenings in primary care; mental health among first responders; and hospital burden related to wildfire smoke. His work is featured in Rural Sociology, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, and AIMS Public Health. When he is not teaching and conducting research, Kyle enjoys exploring the attraction of the Pacific Northwest with his family.