What You'll Learn

Classroom training, applied learning, and community based professional services in these domains:

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods
  • Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation
  • Grant Funding and Sponsored Projects

Population Health Management is the professional field that puts health research into practice, improving the well-being of communities.

In June of 2014, Oregon Tech launched the nation’s first Bachelor’s training program in Population Health Management (PHM). Created in response to changes in health care legislation, and in support of the new landscape of health in the United States, the program provides rigorous training in the research and development needed to address key population health issues. Oregon Tech’s Population Health Management Program has an academic foundation in medical sociology, which is the formal investigation of social and structural determinants of health. The social science approach to population health signifies an incorporation of the cultural, political, and environmental aspects of health.

Interdisciplinary, Applied Education

The PHM program curriculum is interdisciplinary, and students benefit from training in psychology, health informatics, management, marketing, ethics, and health sciences. The cornerstone of the PHM program includes applied courses in which students concurrently learn skills in the classroom while directly applying these skills in a community based project.

With these skills, you can take action in the local community of Klamath Falls while working at the Population Health Management Research Center, where your clients and colleagues are local professionals in the field. By applying sociology to the nation's most pressing health issues in a local, rural environment, you will make a difference.


Bachelor of Science

Career Paths

Patient advocate/navigator
Medical Sociologist
Health Promotion Program Director
Health Researcher
Health Care Coordinator
Public Health Nursing
Klamath Falls
Jayce Seavert
Student, Class of 2025
“I’ve learned that there is always someone willing to help when you’re struggling, whether that is a professor, a student, or a tutor program offered through the institution.”