The International Committee is an advisory body and reports to the Provost. The Committee:

  1. Assists in developing goals and objectives for international student and faculty programs;
  2. Considers issues related to the admission of international students, including TOEFL requirements, scholarships, and immigration;
  3. Ensures hospitality mechanisms are in place, including host family programs for students;
  4. Works with the International Students Club to assist with appropriate activities;
  5. Considers and reviews opportunities for faculty exchanges;
  6. Reviews and makes recommendations regarding student exchange programs; and
  7. Maintains an inventory of international activities and areas of expertise within Oregon Tech.

The Committee is comprised of the Registrar, the Director of Educational Partnerships and Outreach, the Director of Admissions, or their respective designees; two Student Affairs staff members supporting international students, five faculty members, and one student. Faculty members should have an active interest in international activities and one should represent a non-Klamath Falls campus. The Provost appoints the Chair; the Provost and Faculty Senate President appoint the faculty for three year terms.

Brian Moravec

Brian Moravec, Committee Chair, Associate Dean, ETM

Michal Kawka

Michal Kawka, Program Director, TOP

Ben Kintner

Ben Kintner, Scheduling Coordinator, Registrar's Office


Jamie Blankenship

Jamie Blankenship, Admissions: Administrative Program Specialist

Josie Hudspeth

Josie Hudspeth, Associate Director of Campus Life

Dr. Yue-Hai (John) Yang

Yuehai Yang, Assistant Professor (2020)

Chitra Venugopal

Chitra Venugopal, Assistant Professor (2022)

Yanqing Gao

Yanqing Gao, Associate Professor (2021)

Sarah Fitzpatrick

Sarah Fitzpatrick, Associate Professor (2022)

Dr. Mike Myers

Mike Myers, Associate Professor (2020)

Dr. Christopher J. Syrnyk

Christopher Syrnyk, Associate Professor (2021)

Destiny Inas

 Klamath Falls