Access to Canvas (or other Learning Management System)

Student access to Canvas course sites for individuals not enrolled in the class is not allowed, as that access would expose non-directory information to non-enrolled individuals.

Directory Information

Below is a quick reference of frequently asked-for data, and whether it is or is not Oregon Tech Directory Information.

Directory Information? Yes No
Student’s full name X  
Oregon Tech ID number   X
Date of Birth   X
Current mailing address and telephone number X  
E-mail address   X
Parent names and/or addresses   X
Hometown X  
Dates of attendance by term X  
Degree program/major field of study X  
GPA or grades   X
Date of graduation X  
Current term credits or class schedule (CRNs, meeting times, locations)   X
Full-time, half-time or less than half-time enrollment status X  
Information on academic standing (probation, disqualification, etc.) or whether a student is eligible to return to school   X
Whether student has applied for graduation   X
Most recent/previous school attended X  
Participation in official activities/sports X  
Age, height, and weight of athletic team members X  
Accounts receivable balance   X
Financial records of parents   X
Student employment records   X
Copies of transcripts from other schools or colleges   X
Psychiatric or psychological records   X

Written Forms of Consent from Students

Name Description
Authorization Form For students requesting the release of non-directory information. Other written formats are acceptable if they include:
  1. What information is to be released
  2. To whom the information is to be released
  3. The purpose for which it is to be released
  4. Student signature and date
Consent for Requesting References/Recommendations For students requesting letters of reference or recommendation from Oregon Tech faculty or staff members need to do so in writing to include:
  1. What information is to be released (be specific as possible)
  2. To whom the information is be released (name, address)
  3. The purpose of the release of information
  4. Student signature and date

Training Resources

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