Today’s students move frequently between 2- and 4-year post-secondary institutions in pursuit of education, training and a degree. Some students transfer into 4-year universities before they complete an associate degree at a community college, with a percentage of this group gaining a bachelor’s degree eventually through a combination of credits from both institutions.

A pilot program between Oregon’s public community colleges and universities offers students the option of obtaining a degree through "Reverse Transfer." This recognizes students’ achievements with an associate degree after they have transferred to a 4-year school and have accumulated the credits needed to fulfill the 2-year degree program requirements. It also recognizes the degree completion for the community college, which receives no "credit" for the degree through current data measures tracking completions.

Oregon Tech has joined a pilot program with Klamath Community College (KCC), Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC), and Clackamas Community College (CCC). You might be eligible for an associate degree from one of these schools if you:

  1. Are currently admitted to Oregon Tech
  2. Are currently enrolled as an Undergraduate (Level UG only) at Oregon Tech
  3. Have earned at least 24 (credit bearing) credits at an eligible community college
  4. Have at least 90 overall total credits earned at all institutions (Oregon Tech and any transfer credits)
  5. Have not applied for graduation at Oregon Tech
  6. Do not yet have an Associates or AAOT award posted at Oregon Tech

If you have questions or need help determining your eligibility, contact the Registrar.