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Transfer Credit Evaluation and Advising

The Oregon Tech Seattle Staff uses Degree Sheets to assist students in determining the classes needed for their degree program and unofficial transcripts evaluations.  Oregon Tech also uses an electronic degree tracking system called Degree Works to track their course taken, grades and progress towards graduation.

All classes on the Degree sheets are required classes (unless otherwise noted) and must be taken regardless of the excess number of credits earned and/or transferred in.

To transfer in classes to Oregon Tech the institution you attended must be a regionally accredited institution and be fully accepted into Oregon Tech.

To review classes that will transfer into Oregon Tech you will use the articulation agreement set up by our college https://ssb-prod.ec.oit.edu/PROD/oitcas_web.p_DispEquivalencies.   Articulation agreement is an officially approved agreement that matches coursework between schools. These agreements are designed to help students make a seamless transition when transferring to Oregon Tech

If there is a class that is not on the articulation agreement this does not mean it will not transfer into Oregon Tech.  We will review your course and if the course satisfies the requirements of a course a substitution form will be submitted on your behalf to receive credit for a particular course.

If you have questions regarding the Degree Sheet, program requirements or transfer courses, please contact the Oregon Tech Seattle Office at 425-965-9707.

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