Kennedy Tull
Student, Class of 2025

Extracurricular Activities

Hiking, swimming, cooking, golfing, tumbling (gymnastics), lifting, and yoga!

A Little Bit About Me

I was born and raised in California and have landed at Klamath Falls to play basketball. I have a twin brother and an older sister, who also play basketball here at Oregon Tech! My sister has recently graduated, so she will not be joining our team this year. I have great parents who support me and cheer me on from home. Family is a very important aspect of my life and I hope to stay close to everyone in my family when I am older. I have recently taken up church and I enjoy going every Sunday. I have two Rottweilers at home who have the biggest personalities and snuggle tactics. I love working out and have a passion for lifting weights. I strive for perfection in my major and love treating patients that come in for me!

Why I Chose Oregon Tech and My Major

I chose Oregon Tech for basketball and the amazing dental hygiene program they have. My sister was already attending Oregon Tech, so it was such a blessing that the basketball coach reached out to me hoping to sign me. I chose dental hygiene because I love helping people. I feel like cleaning teeth is a simple but important aspect in life and I wish to help people with anything they bring me! I always knew I wanted to go into the medical majors, but I had a really great friend in the dental hygiene field who sold it for me. I love interacting with my patients and creating a bond, so they feel comfortable with me to ask anything they need to hear about their oral hygiene.

My Influential Professors

Professor Swigart was my lead for clinical last year and she is awesome. She creates bonds with her students outside of class and she attended as many games as she could last year. I learned so much from her last year and she is the most caring person I know here! Another professor who was great in my first year in the dental hygiene program was Professor Pratt. She taught me all I knew about X-rays, and she also created bonds with our class. These professors are very personal and caring, which makes asking questions and staying extra time easier.

My Greatest Learning Experience At Oregon Tech

There are many things I have learned while being at Oregon Tech such as time management, kindness, and living on my own. I think my greatest one though has been making friends. When you come to a place where you do not know anyone and your friends from your hometown are not there, you have an opportunity to meet new people. I think it made me more outgoing to meet people and create a bond with them, especially in my program when trying to find patients. It is always good to meet new people!

My Plans After Graduation

After graduating, I plan to move and start my career! I do not know where I am going to move after I finish college, but I am hoping to start my job and see where life takes me after that. I hope to work with kids at some point in my career but for now I will take anything offered to get me on my feet.