Andy Wiley

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2026 | Renewable Energy Engineering
“Attending Oregon Tech to receive this degree is my best option for a career in renewable energy. By attending the premier engineering school in Oregon, I set myself up for success.”

Becky Barnes

Student Class of 2027 | Mechanical Engineering
“My greatest learning experience at Oregon Tech so far would have to be in chemistry. We had a lab where we transformed copper from a solid to a liquid and back to a solid. It was beautiful! You always hear of things being recycled (like cardboard), but this was different because we were using a basic element from the periodic table.”

Sierra Smith

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2025 | Applied Psychology, Nursing
“I chose Oregon Tech for the hands-on learning opportunities. Hands-on learning is the best form of learning for me, and when I found out that they even had a Nursing program at the college that is through Oregon Health and Science University, I knew this was the college for me.”

Zack Kane

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2026 | Mechanical Engineering
“I chose Oregon Tech because it has cutting-edge labs, highly qualified faculty, and a low student-to-faculty ratio. At Oregon Tech, I can learn in the hands-on ways that I learn best from the best. I chose mechanical engineering because I’ve spent most of my life figuring out everyday mechanisms work. I want to work improving their designs.”

Brynne Christie

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2024 | Diagnostic Medical Sonography
“After working for a few years in the field, I will apply to a program like Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). I want to use my registration and skills to help people in low- and middle-income countries.”

Cari Blaker

“I want to be able to design, build, and program my own machines. The Embedded Systems program is the only degree path I’ve found with an equal focus on hardware and software that will enable me to accomplish those goals, and Oregon Tech is the only school offering it!”

Casidee Harrod

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2025 | Dental Hygiene
“Coming to Oregon Tech truly changed my life. Moving away from my hometown all by myself helped me grow tremendously. Learning how to advocate for myself, new time and money management skills, as well as learning to make new friends all contributed to this growth. Oregon Tech has not only educated me through my studies but also made me into a better person.”

Abraham Barr

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2024 | Civil Engineering
“My academic interests have been wide-ranging throughout my life, but nothing inspires me as much as physical, tangible things that can be seen, touched, and smelled. For this reason, Civil Engineering and Surveying are inspiring to me because the work and projects are tangible, something to be proud of upon finishing.”

Katie Sabin

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2024 | Biology-Health Sciences
“Out of all of the professors that I have worked with in my college career, the most influential professor that I have was Dr. Gandhi. Dr. Gandhi taught the content in a very straightforward way that I was able to retain and apply to my everyday life.”

Abi Drummer

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2024 | Accounting
“In my senior year of high school, while continuing my accounting studies, I competed at the state level for FBLA and placed fourth. I chose Oregon Tech because of the smaller campus, class size, and success rate of students.”

Ashleigh Taylor

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2024 | Applied Psychology
“My greatest learning experience at Oregon Tech was learning how to manage my time. With school and work, time becomes valuable. It is hard to complete and succeed when you have a lot of responsibilities, but with good time management skills, it is possible.”