Megan Mize
Student, Class of 2024
Prineville, Oregon

Extracurricular Activities

- Amateur photography club

A Little Bit About Me

I was born and raised in the small town Prineville, OR (Central Oregon). My husband and I moved to Portland in 2019 to pursue higher education at Portland State University (PSU). I attended PSU’s Honors College where one of the graduation requirements was writing an undergraduate thesis. With the help of my academic advisor, I was able to accomplish my undergraduate thesis on bacteria that consume micro plastics, and how our environment may be impacted by that. It was a fascinating and challenging project where I learned a lot about the topic of choice, in addition to myself and what I am truly capable of.

Why I Chose Oregon Tech and My Major

I choose this major because my current profession is working as a specimen processor in a lab where I prepare samples for the lab techs. Everyday I get a front row seat to what I would be doing as a tech after I graduate. Why did I choose Oregon Tech: I knew I wanted to stay in Oregon and the only 2 lab programs available are Oregon Tech and PCC, but the PCC is only an associate's so I would not start out in as high a position.

My Influential Professors

One of the aspects of this program that I love the most is the student to faculty ratio - the lower student count will help me build better connections with the professors of this program and in turn will help me learn more from them. This will be a fast-paced program, but from the research I have done and the ones I have already met during the interview, they all seem like great people who are truly invested in helping us learn.

My Greatest Learning Experience At Oregon Tech

This upcoming Fall 2023 term will be my first at Oregon Tech but I hope to bring my strong passions for science and helping people together to the Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) program so that I can equip myself with the knowledge to fuel those passions. After already having been working in a medical lab for the past 8 months, I have come to appreciate the role that lab techs play in patient care and the clinical decisions that doctors make.

My Plans After Graduation

After earning my degree I plan to earn a spot as a tech at OHSU for a couple of years to gain experience. After a few years, I would love to move to Central Oregon to live closer to my family and work in the St. Charles Health System - I was born and raised in Central Oregon and would enjoy going back to serve the community that raised me.