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Office of Strategic Partnerships and Government Relations



The Office of Strategic Partnerships (OSP) and Government Relations promotes and oversees industry and government relationships at the Oregon Institute of Technology. The staff is responsible for campus-wide promotion of the University's economic development mission by facilitating the external relationships that enable the University to contribute to the vitality of its campus regions and the state of Oregon.


  1. Building long-term partnerships with businesses and industry associations that are crucial to Oregon Tech's mission;
  2. Providing support to secure external funding by leveraging private sector partnerships for grants and sponsored projects;
  3. Proactively working with faculty to develop collaborations with industry that lead to sponsored projects, commercialization and entrepreneurial opportunities;
  4. Building an alliance of local, state and national support for Oregon Tech's policy and funding priorities; and
  5. Representing the University on strategic partnership, industry affairs, and legislative advisory councils with and for the Oregon Institute of Technology Board of Trustees.

The OSP collaborates with academic departments, The Office of Sponsored Projects and Grants Administration (SPA), and the Office of Innovation and Technology Transfer (OITT) to determine Oregon Tech’s research priorities and align Oregon Tech’s academic mission, faculty research interests with industry, other universities, and economic development and research organizations.

Operationally, the Office of Strategic Partnerships reports to the President to advance the University’s strategic priorities.