The General Policy for Oregon Tech Facilities (OIT-30-001) includes use of the College Union. The College Union is a critical facility for the Oregon Tech campus, as well as the local community, by providing meeting space and campus services. As such, the College Union supports the College’s primary mission, but all costs associated with its use must be recovered. Therefore, all non-Oregon Tech groups will be charged for use of the facility and/or equipment, including any and all set-up and cleaning charges. Outside use by the community is intended to be only on a noncompetitive basis; that is, Oregon Tech does not intend to compete against other providers of such facilities in the community.

All reservations for the College Union are made with the College Union Information Desk on a first-come, first-serve basis, with priority given to campus groups and activities. Internal users are considered students, faculty and staff for activities related to the mission of the college. External users are the public at large and anyone not defined as an internal user. An event/group may be sponsored by a recognized Oregon Tech student club or program (see Sponsored Events).

Reservation Procedures

Scheduling Reservations:

To schedule use in the College Union, call the College Union Information Desk at 541.885.1030 or 541.885.1032. Specific rooms can be requested for group meetings, receptions, or other events, but rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. The hours that the College Union is open varies during the year. Events may be scheduled during a typically-closed time, but additional costs will be charged to the group.

Room Options:

A variety of room types are available, ranging from a smaller room seating ten to an auditorium that has a seating capacity of 365. (For further information about the rooms and types of set ups available, please see the page on Meeting Rooms.) Depending on the nature of the event, use of certain rooms may not be possible and this is determined by the College Union staff. A deposit for the room(s) may be requested of external users (non-Oregon Tech groups or individuals – see the General Policy for Oregon Tech Facilities for clarification).

Audio/Visual Equipment Options:

The CU has many types of A/V equipment available; some basic items can be furnished at no charge. Please look through our list of A/V items on the A/V rental rates listing and reserve your items when you reserve your room.

Cancelling or Changing Reservations:

Any requested changes or cancellations must be done at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled event or charges for set ups may be incurred. The College Union staff reserves the right to reassign or substitute rooms as it deems necessary in the best interest of the College Union, and to assess a charge for last minute changes or cancellations.

On-campus groups that reserve space in the College Union that do not cancel their reservation 24 hours prior to their room use, and then do not show up for their reservation will lose their privilege to reserve no-cost space in the building for 3 months. During this time reservations can still be made, but the group will be charged the “Non-Profit” rate.

Room Setups

Several of our meeting rooms have a preset room arrangement that is rarely changed. Please refer to the Meeting Rooms listing for types of set ups available for each room, and the maximum capacity for each area.

The auditorium holds approximately 365 people with theater-style seating and a 20’ x 60’ stage. Special equipment in the auditorium includes a sound and lighting system and a grand piano; other audio/visual equipment is available for use in the auditorium.