COVID-19 Response

Access & Campus Equity Services (ACES) accommodations, intakes, and appointments are provided in accordance with the University's COVID-19 Response.

As Oregon Tech returns to in-person learning, ACES services will be provided in-person or virtually, pending applicant preference and current COVID-19 guidelines. ACES staff are working diligently to ensure every qualified student receives the accommodations necessary for equitable education services and learning opportunities.

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How to Apply for ACES Services using Accessibility Information Management (AIM)


ACES is proud to provide Accessibility Information Management (AIM) software to assist with student accommodations. AIM is an online tool that allows students to register with ACES, apply for accommodations, and request accommodations each term. Accommodations include academic, housing, and service animals.

To start an application in AIM, follow the instructions in the first document.

If you need a template for your medical/mental health provider, use the second document.

For registered ACES students, follow the instructions in the third document to request your accommodations - this MUST be done EVERY TERM. Finally, the last document shows you how to schedule your test/quiz in the Testing Center.

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Access & Campus Equity Services (ACES) facilitates access to Oregon Tech programs and services for individuals with disabilities through accommodations, education, consultation, and advocacy.



Access & Campus Equity Services (ACES) strives to promote a diverse, inclusive, supportive, and accessible learning and working environment for individuals with disabilities. The vision of the office is to promote disability as diversity and ensure individuals with disabilities have full access, inclusion, and belonging in the Oregon Tech community.



Oregon Tech's Access & Campus Equity Services (ACES) office, formerly Disability Services, coordinates academic adjustments and auxiliary aids for students with disabilities.


Students desiring services to accommodate a disability should contact ACES well in advance of entering Oregon Tech. Appropriate documentation of an impairment that might constitute a disability as defined in the relevant laws will typically be required. The student will meet with ACES staff to determine eligibility and appropriate academic adjustments and aids. Program staff will assist students in communicating information about needs and adjustments to instructors.

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Hannah Zhang

ACES Coordinator

  • Klamath Falls: CARES Office
  • Learning Resource Center (LRC) 2nd Floor
  • 541-885-0189
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