PhD, MS, NREMT-P, Professor

Jamie Kennel is Professor and Department Chair at Oregon Health and Science University and Oregon Institute of Technology Emergency Medical Services Department. As a program alumnus with a Doctorate in Medical Sociology, a master’s degree in Aeronautical Human Factors, and multiple fixed-wing pilot ratings, his pre-hospital teaching, research, and consulting interests span from understanding and mitigating racial and gender disparities in EMS treatment to applying aviation crew resources management training techniques in high-fidelity EMS simulation training.



With hands-on experience as a dedicated Medic in the 911 emergency system, Carmen Curtz brings a wealth of expertise in providing critical medical care during high-pressure situations. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication from Portland State University, Carmen combines a strong educational foundation with a passion for serving the community and aiding individuals in their times of greatest need.  Carmen has honed a deep understanding of medical emergencies, demonstrating unwavering compassion while delivering life-saving care to human beings. This extensive real-world experience not only equips Carmen with exceptional medical skills but also a unique ability to communicate effectively under duress.

Carmen is a dedicated educator who finds fulfillment in sharing practical knowledge acquired from the field. This passion for teaching extends from the streets to the classroom, where Carmen empowers aspiring medical professionals with insights drawn from real-life scenarios. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, Carmen inspires students to approach their careers with a blend of technical proficiency and critical thinking. Connect with Carmen to tap into a wealth of practical knowledge, a passion for teaching, and a commitment to serving the community through expertise in the most critical moments.  


Holly joined as an instructor for OIT's EMS department in July 2022. She completed paramedic school in Vancouver, Washington back in 2004 and worked a for decade as a Paramedic for AMR in Clark County. During her stint in the ambulance, she spent her days off taking classes at the local community college to achieve an associate degree in Paramedicine. Following her associate degree, she began a second job as a Paramedic in the ED at OHSU. The experience she gained working with the level 1 trauma team was huge for her career, as it greatly enhanced her knowledge of emergency medicine. After two years of this, Holly decided to pursue her passion for teaching and has been dedicated to EMS education ever since. She continued her education to receive a bachelor’s degree in human development with an interest in psychology. She thrives in education as both an educator and student and is always looking for opportunities to humble herself and learn. 


Medical Director
Dept of Emergency Medicine
OHSU Health, Hillsboro Medical Center

Todd Ellingson is the Medical Director for the OHSU / Oregon Tech Paramedic Education Program. He is the Medical Director at the OHSU Health Hillsboro Medical Center in Hillsboro, Oregon, and is also a Vice-Chair in the OHSU Dept of Emergency Medicine. Todd completed his residency training at the University of Chicago, where he worked as a flight doc, and has also completed a teaching fellowship focused on simulation training at OHSU.



Chris Hamper is a Nationally Registered and Oregon State Paramedic, educator, and academic. He is passionate about advancing emergency medical services by bridging the gap between research in community health and EMS practice. Chris uses the facilitated-debriefing technique as a cornerstone of his educational philosophy to engage and encourage all learners to grow and mature. His focus on multi-disciplinary team building brings professionals together to accomplish text book development, primary research, high-fidelity medical simulations, and implement community-based health interventions. Chris has been asked to present at local, national, and international conferences on community paramedicine / mobile integrated healthcare. He holds a faculty position in the Department of Emergency Medical Services at Oregon Health and Sciences University / Oregon Tech. Chris was awarded Magna Cum Laude along with his Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education from Portland State University and Oregon Health and Sciences University. 



Hugh is an Assistant Professor in the Oregon Tech and Oregon Health and Science University Emergency Medical Services Department, and has extensive teaching and research experience as a college professor and graduate student. Hugh obtained a doctorate in Neuroscience, carried out post-doctoral research in Toxicology and Neuroscience, and taught undergraduate courses in anatomy, physiology, biology, neuroscience, and other disciplines prior to bringing his love of physiology to the pre-hospital medical environment. In addition to teaching anatomy and physiology, Hugh has taught continuing education courses to physicians, nurses, and paramedics and actively practices paramedicine.


Program Representative, Division of Health Sciences


All instructional staff successfully completed the National Association of EMS Educators: EMS Instructor Course. Most have formal academic training in adult learning / pedagogy, and have an extensive amount of experience teaching all levels of EMS responders. Most instructional staff hold BLS, PHTLS, AMLS, PALS, and ACLS instructor credentials, and are current members of the National Association of EMS Educators.