Admission & Registration Process

There is a three-step process to registering for Oregon Tech dual credit. 

Step 1: Apply

Your first step is to submit a dual credit application. You will be ready to move on to step two when you receive your Oregon Tech account information 2-3 days after submitting an application. Please find detailed instructions and the dual credit application below. If you have taken a dual credit class from Oregon Tech within the last 12 months, you do not need to fill out the application. You can move on to STEP #2 or #3 if you already have login credentials. 

Step 2: Register - 

You will need to know Course Registration Number(s) for the class(es) that you want to register for along with your Oregon Tech student ID number. After you've gathered that information, you can follow the detailed instructions below to register for your class(es).

Don't know your Oregon Tech student ID? Contact us!

Step 3: Pay Tuition

You'll need to submit a tuition payment upon registering for your class(es). You can find instructions for how to do so on this page.


Payment Instructions

Completing payment for a dual credit course with Oregon Tech

Tuition is required to be paid in full for all dual credit courses with Oregon Tech upon registration. Accounts that have tuition due after registration are subject to collection procedures and prohibited from further registration until payment is received. After you register, you must submit payment for your courses online through one of three ways: Online Payment, Payment by Mail or Tuition Waiver.

Payment Portal
Oregon Tech assesses a flat rate of $100 per dual credit course.

Students taking Oregon Tech courses through the Willamette Promise should pay through the Promise website.

Payment by Mail

Make Check Payable to:

Oregon Institute of Technology

Mail To:
Attention: Cashier
Oregon Institute of Technology
3201 Campus Dr.
Klamath Falls, OR 97601 – 8801

(Please include Oregon Tech student ID 918-xx-xxxx with all payments)



Tuition Waiver

  1. Complete Tuition Waiver - Download under files on this page