Be Proactive: The best way to find jobs is to identify the departments on campus that are the best fit with your career goals, and visit them in person to express your interest. While they might not have a current opening, your interest in them will be very compelling and they may keep your contact information should an opportunity arise.

Search Postings: You may also look on Handshake for on campus jobs ( or via TECHweb). If you have trouble logging in and you are a new student, your information may not yet be added to our firewall. Please e-mail us and we will do it manually.      

Note: be prepared! If you have never worked on campus before, once you get a job you will need to bring in original identification documents for the I-9 form. Copies of birth certificates and/or passports are not acceptable. If you don't have these documents with you on campus, now is a good time to get them.

You can list coursework that you have completed, volunteer experience, and specific skills. If you recently completed high school and are freshman or sophomore standing, you may include those experiences.

Yes. Employers look for related experience, and care much less whether it is paid or not. Having a leadership position is especially helpful.

While departments vary in their requirements, all of them seek employees who are reliable, ethical, can communicate clearly, and who strive to do their best. Make a good first impression by speaking clearly and politely, by sending an error-free resume if asked for one, and by having a neat and clean appearance.

You don’t need to wear professional attire, but wearing clean, presentable clothing is a great idea and shows you are serious about the opportunity! See our tips in the Interviewing section of our website.

List your references on a separate sheet of paper, NOT on your resume. Provide them only when specifically asked. You may format your contact information on top the same way as your resume. List names, titles, organizations they work for, their relationship to you, a phone number and an e-mail address. Make sure your references know to expect a call from prospective employers and that they will provide a good reference.

Yes! Your politeness will be highly appreciated.

Call if you are no longer interested. You never know if you might interview with that same person again.

Some departments may ask for one. Follow the application instructions in the posting. Having a resume is always a plus because it shows that you are sincere and earnest about getting a job. See our Resume Support Page for additional support.

Your hiring department will have a Hire Form that must be completed. If you have never worked on campus before, you will need to bring in original identification documents for the I-9 form. Copies of birth certificates and/or passports are not acceptable. All of this must be done BEFORE you can start working!

Ask you supervisor about training, and if there is a departmental handbook and/or guidelines. Ask if there is a dress code or any other pertinent information that you should know about.

Make sure that your supervisor knows first that you will be exceeding 8 hours in a day. Overtime must be paid for any hours over 40 in one week (Sunday through Saturday).

In accordance with the State of Oregon laws for meals and rest periods, if you work two hours or less you are not entitled to breaks. If you work more than two hours but less than 6 hours, you are entitled to one 10 minute paid break. If you work more than 6 hours you are entitled to one paid 10 minute break and a 30 minute unpaid lunch period. Your supervisor will attempt to schedule the breaks as close to the middle of the work period as possible.

Overall, you should be dressed neatly and appropriately. Talk to your supervisor for specifics, especially if you work in a reception area/ front desk.

You should plan your study and work time so that you have time for both. If you still need time off, request it from your supervisor at least 3 days in advance.

Yes, taxes are deducted regardless if you have financial aid or not. It all depends on what you claim on your W-4 forms. You can always make changes to your allowances through the W-4 form. Talk to Payroll about changes.

You have the right to file a grievance resulting from the employer's recruiting, hiring or employment decisions, or arising from a disagreement that, in your opinion, creates an injustice. You should present the grievance in writing to your immediate supervisor within 20 work days of the date of its occurrence. You are encouraged to make every effort to resolve the problem with your employer. If satisfaction is not achieved through discussion with your employer, you should contact the Office of Human Resources for help in determining the appropriate next step.