Financial Aid Award Letter

If you wish to receive loans, you must accept your aid on your TECHweb Account.

  • Select the Web for Student tile
  • Select Financial Aid Menu
  • Select Financial Aid Menu
  • Select Award Menu
  • Select Award for Aid Year
  • Select Aid Year under the drop down and hit submit
  • Read Conditions of Award
  • Select Accept Award Offer Tab and accept/decline aid

 Title IV and Prior Year Authorizations

The day after accepting your awards log back into your TECHweb account and sign the Title IV Authorization and Prior Year Authorization. These documents must be signed in order to receive any form of federal financial aid. To sign the authorizations follow the steps listed below:

  • Log into your TECHweb account
  • Select the Web for Student tile
  • Select Financial Aid Menu
  • Select Financial Aid Menu
  • Select Eligibility Requirements for Aid Year
  • Select and complete Title IV Authorization (there will be two questions to answer)

 Complete Loan Counseling

All students borrowing for the first time at Oregon Tech or borrowing in the Direct loan program for the first time must complete online entrance counseling at the following sites:

 Complete Your Loan Agreement (MPN)

Oregon Tech participates in the direct lending program. Upon receiving your loan request from your signed award letter, we will electronically certify your loan. Prior to receiving funds you must complete a Loan Agreement. You can complete your direct loan agreement at You will be required to use your U.S. Department of Education issued FSA ID and Password (used on your FAFSA) to complete the electronic MPN.

 Check Your Account For Any Other Holds

Federal loan funds must be disbursed to your Oregon Tech student account within 3 days of their receipt at Oregon Tech. Holds on your student account may prohibit funds from being disbursed. Future disbursements of your loan may be cancelled and you may need to reapply for your loan if:

  • Your funds can not be released to your student account within 3 days of receipt at Oregon Tech
  • You cancel your first disbursement
  • You drop below six credits
  • You do not maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • You withdraw from school at anytime during the loan process

Dependent Students Only

 Complete the Parent PLUS Application

If your parent wishes to participate in the Direct Parent PLUS Loan for Undergraduate Student program they must complete an online application at the Direct Loan website. A Parent PLUS loan application must be completed for each academic year that a parent wishes to participate in the Parent PLUS program.

 Complete the PLUS Loan Agreement (MPN)

Upon receiving your Parent PLUS Application, we will electronically certify your Parent PLUS loan eligibility. Prior to the lender electronically transferring your funds to Oregon Tech, your parent must log-on to the Direct Loan website and complete and electronically sign their MPN, using their Department of Education FSA User ID and Password.