What are Transfer Guides?

Transfer guides assist students with identifying how courses from a partner community college or university will transfer to a specific degree at Oregon Tech and are NOT official transfer documents.

Upon admission to Oregon Tech, program advisors/faculty, along with our Registrar's Office, can complete an official transfer evaluation. Please use these as guides and contact program advisors/faculty for advising. It is recommended that you seek Oregon Tech advising as soon as possible.

How to Read the Transfer Guides

These guides show what courses a student can take at their current school that will transfer to Oregon Tech and are based on the current catalog. Students do not have to take all courses listed before applying or starting at Oregon Tech unless it is a "pre" program (i.e. Pre-Dental Hygiene).

Please note: Students can check the transferability of a course from a different catalog year in our Equivalency Tool. Transfer Guides are not official transcript evaluations and are subject to change.

Oregon Tech accepts elective credit on a one-to-one scale.
Accepted course prefixes* are as follows:

ART, ENG, HUM, LIT, MUS, PHIL, Languages (second year/200-level only)
Other transfer courses, defined as "humanities" by the Registrar's Office, may be used.
Note: No more than three credits of activity or performance-based courses may be used toward graduation from this category.

Social Science
Other transfer courses defined as "social science" by the Registrar's Office, may be used.
Note: Physical Geography courses may NOT be used (GEOG 105 and 305) 

BIO, CHE, MATH, PHY, Physical Geography (GEOG 105 and 305), GEOL, or Physical Anthropology (ANTH 101)
Lab Science: BIO, CHE, GEOG (105 and 305), PHY. Currently ENV does NOT count.

*Course prefixes may vary from institution to institution - i.e. ENG vs. ENGL

Some lower-division courses will transfer to Oregon Tech as an upper-division course. In these cases, the transfer will satisfy the course requirement but students will not receive upper division credit. 

BA 285 ⇾ PSY 347
COMM 215/219 ⇾ SPE 321
MTH 243 + 244 ⇾ MATH 361
MTH 256 ⇾ MATH 321

Students must complete at least 60 credits of upper-division coursework (300- and 400-level) and a minimum of 45 credits at Oregon Tech for a BS degree to be awarded.

Transfer Guides (Catalog Year: 2023-2024)

Can't find what you are looking for?

Please use the Transfer Equivalency Database link under the 'Additional Resources' box.
You will be able to search by institution and subject to see course equivalencies.

If you have checked through the listed transfer guides and do not see what you are looking for:
Please email at  outreach@oit.edu

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