2017-18 Logo OTET Workshop


Klamath Falls, Owens Hall

Workshop Sessions

  • January 3-6 & 12-13, 2017
  • Seminar I: Learning to Teach
  • Seminar II: Effective Teaching and Learning
  • Seminar III: Learning Styles
  • Seminar IV: Learning Objectives
  • Seminar V: Planning a Class
  • Seminar VI: Writing
  • Seminar VII: Speaking
  • Seminar VIII: Questioning
  • Seminar IX: Teaching Assessment
  • Seminar X: Interpersonal Rapport
  • Seminar XI: Nonverbal Communication
  • Seminar XII: Systematic Design of Instruction 
  • Seminar XIII: Making it Work for you
  • Demo Class I: Truss Analysis #1
  • Demo Class II: Truss Analysis #2
  • Demo Class III Truss Analysis #3

Faculty Comments

“The two-dimensional model was really useful.  Also liked the concept of desirable difficulties.” 

“Great combination of individual and group work!”

“I learned a lot from this seminar, the instructor made it fun and relevant to the classroom and life in general.”

“Having a potluck contributed to by team members near the end was really fun, and added to the team-building feel of the entire workshop.”


12 Attendees

College of Engineering, Technology and Management

  • Assistant Professors (3)

College of Health, Arts and Sciences

  • Adjunct (2)
  • Instructors (2)
  • Assistant Professors (2)
  • Associate Professor (1)


  • Associate Professor (1)

Student Success Center

  • Academic Specialist (1)