Trevor Denn
Student, Class of 2026
Medford, Oregon

Extracurricular Activities

My extracurricular activities include Fishing, Hunting, Golf, Hiking, Church, Soccer, Football and Youth Group

A Little Bit About Me

I am from Medford, Oregon and I have lived there my whole life. I have 3 older sisters and a huge extended family. I love sports and the outdoors.

Why I Chose Oregon Tech and My Major

I chose Oregon Tech because it is the best college there is for preparing young adults for their future. Oregon Tech is very hands-on and "no-nonsense." The teaching styles and the culture of the school promote excellence and help my peers and I to succeed and achieve our goals. I decided to pursue a degree in Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging because medical imaging saves lives. I have seen first-hand the lifesaving work that medical imaging accomplishes. In 2020, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when she received a mammogram. The early detection of her breast cancer allowed the physicians to treat her and make her cancer free. Witnessing this pushed me to do the same for others and to do lifesaving work. I decided on Nuclear Medicine because I loved the bond and interaction it had with chemistry, anatomy and biology. I found it fascinating.

My Influential Professors

The most Influential Professor at Oregon Tech in my opinion has been Professor McClure. McClure was my favorite professor last year. She had a very good teaching style which helped me succeed in biology and anatomy. Professor McClure was always nice and exceedingly patient with her students. She took the necessary time to help students understand the material she was teaching, and she was always open to help those in need.

My Greatest Learning Experience At Oregon Tech

My greatest learning experience at Oregon Tech took place in the anatomy lab and the biology lecture room. I chose these two places because last year they went hand in hand. The lecture class was great for understanding the physiology of the body while the anatomy lab was great for the visuals and the anatomy. I especially enjoyed the crossover between cadaver lab and lecture. Seeing real life applications of what we were learning helped solidify concepts and my understanding.

My Plans After Graduation

After I graduate Oregon Tech with my degree in Nuclear Medicine, I plan on finding a job at a hospital and settling down. I have an amazing girlfriend whom I hope to be engaged or married to by the end of college. Additionally, I have a lot of family in southern Oregon so I would prefer to find a place here to live.