Oregon Tech is currently not participating in concurrent enrollment for international students. The program has been put on hold pending administrative changes. The information below is for reference only.

What is Concurrent Enrollment?

Concurrent enrollment means that a student is enrolled at two USCIS approved institutions at the same time. International students of Oregon Tech who wish to enroll at another school for a portion of their full-time enrollment must receive the written permission of the International Student Liaison before enrolling in courses at the other school.

Concurrent enrollment is not the same as dual enrollment, although international students who first receive their I-20 from a community college may enroll part-time in Oregon Tech courses with the permission of the school that issued the I-20.

An F-1 student may concurrently enroll in Oregon Tech and another school if:

  • The Oregon Tech International Student Liaison provides prior written permission to the student.
  • The student takes at least 12 hours with 6 of those credits taken at Oregon Tech each term.
  • The coursework at the other school fulfills degree requirements at Oregon Tech (not including English language institutes).
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These conditions must also be met:

  • The student is not on academic probation.
  • The student is not "out of status" with the USCIS.
  • A new request for concurrent enrollment is required for every quarter the student is concurrently enrolled.
  • Requests for concurrent enrollment are to be submitted and approved before Oregon Tech's add/drop deadline.