Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Admission to Oregon Tech

Q. Can an international applicant use a dual enrollment application for Portland programs?


There are options for international students to navigate from an Oregon community college to Oregon Tech, however dual enrollment applications are not intended for this purpose.

International students may first attend a community college, which issues the I-20 for the F-1 visa. As the student progresses through their lower-division coursework they have the option of taking Oregon Tech classes as a non-degree student until they are ready to enroll exclusively in Oregon Tech courses for bachelor’s degree completion. During this transitional phase they must comply with INS requirements for concurrent enrollment (not dual enrollment). They must work closely with their community college international student advisor to remain in compliance with their I-20 reporting requirements and academic plans. When they’re ready for sole enrollment and admission to Oregon Tech, they may submit an online international application, a $50 app fee, the statement of financial responsibility, and all the official documents. The I-20 is transferred to Oregon Tech for completion of an Oregon Tech degree program.

Q. Does Oregon Tech offer conditional admission?


If we have a complete application missing only proof of English language proficiency, and if we determine that you are admissible to Oregon Tech, we will provide a letter of conditional admission. After we receive sufficient TOEFL or IELTS scores, we offer a letter of admission and issue the I-20. We do consider other performance measures of English language proficiency, such as college coursework, on a case-by-case basis.

Q. Are international applicants held to the same admissions as U.S. students?


Admissions eligibility is similar to U.S. undergraduate admission, however students from other educational systems meet math, writing and other competencies in different ways. A thorough review of transcript evaluations are essential to our ability to assess an international student’s potential for success in Oregon Tech programs.

Q. Can I submit an international application for admission online?


Yes, please Apply Now to complete your online international application. We do require that the Financial Statement of Responsibility be sent to us along with original bank statements to verify your financial ability to pay tuition and living expenses while at Oregon Tech.

Q. Can I study English language at Oregon Tech?


Oregon Tech does not currently offer an English language program, however there are multiple options for this in Oregon. Southern Oregon University is closest to Oregon Tech in geographical proximity, and students may opt to complete some of their general education requirements there before transferring to a technical program at Oregon Tech.

Q. What options do I have for paying my $50 non-refundable application fee?


At the end of the online application you have the ability to pay the $50 non-refundable fee by credit or debit card, check, or money order.

Q. I would like international admission to Oregon Tech on a J-1 visa. What should I do?


At this time Oregon Tech is certified to admit students on F-1 visas only.

Q. How do I apply for graduate admission to Oregon Tech?


To find the program applications refer to the graduate program web page. There may be different application documents required for each program. Please pay special attention to the instructions on each program's application.

International applicants to the graduate programs must also complete and submit the International Supplement to the Graduate Application and meet the university’s international student requirements regarding financial ability, English language proficiency, and international transcript evaluations.

To apply for admission to Oregon Tech, there is a $50 non-refundable application fee. To pay this fee, send a money order or check made out to Oregon Tech for fifty US dollars.

Oregon Tech Admissions processes graduate applications until the file is complete. Once your application is complete your file will be reviewed by the Graduate Admissions Committee. The Oregon Tech Admissions Office will notify you of the committee's decision. The application deadlines for international graduate admission are the same as those for undergraduate international admission:

  • Fall term entry: May 1
  • Winter term entry: September 1
  • Spring term entry: December 1
  • Summer term entry: April 1

Q. Which Oregon Tech campus is best for international students?


mapIt depends on your situation.

The Klamath Falls campus offers a larger variety of majors, including all four years of course work in the campus's bachelor degree programs. The Klamath Falls campus offers two choices for campus housing and the traditional student experience at a small Oregon university in rural Southern Oregon. Freshman international students who do not already have the equivalent of two years of college coursework are advised to apply to the Klamath Falls campus in order to take advantage of a fuller array of student services.

Oregon Tech Portland-Metro is located in Wilsonville, one of several thriving suburban towns in the vicinity of Portland, which is the state's center of commerce, culture and population. The campus offers a full portfolio of high-demand Bachelor and Master degrees. The Portland-Metro campus offers an industry focused university experience at the heart of the Silicon Forest. University housing, intercollegiate athletics and other traditional student life aspects are not offered at the Portland-Metro location. Many Portland-Metro students are commuting between home, work and other professional commitments as they take advantage of the campus's evening, weekend and daytime course scheduling.

Q. Am I required to take the SAT or ACT as an international applicant?


No, but some students may opt to take either the SAT or the ACT as an option for showing English language proficiency.

Q. What is required for health insurance for international students?


International students and their accompanying dependents are required to have health insurance while enrolled at an Oregon institution. For F-1 visa compliance, the U.S. government sets minimum requirements for health insurance coverage. The Aetna International Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) offered through Oregon Tech is designed to meet the needs of international students, including visa requirements.

Transcripts, Transcript Evaluation, and Transfer Credits

Q. Will Oregon Tech waive the requirement for submitting official transcripts?


In order to perform a comprehensive review of each student and their unique academic history, it is necessary to receive official transcripts directly from the institutions where the coursework was completed. Receiving the transcript from each institution in the original language helps Oregon Tech to verify that the transcripts are official. It is also necessary for us to see an official translation of those transcripts into English (if necessary) and into U.S. standards. We ask for an evaluation on a course-by-course basis so that we can compare your courses with the subject requirements that we ask of domestic students. While international students aren't required to meet precisely the same requirements as American students, we need enough information for a comparable academic history.

An official document is:

  • Provided by the college or university where you completed your degree or course work.
  • Received by Oregon Tech Admissions in a sealed enveloped mailed directly from the issuing institution.
  • Issued in the original language of the institution.

An official document is NOT:

  • A photocopy of a document in your possession
  • A document that you deliver or mail in an unsealed envelope
  • A translation of a document
  • A document authorized by an official notary or government office

If your country issues only one official copy and you have the copy in your possession, mail a photocopy of the original to the issuing institution and request to have it attested. The institution should indicate by signature or an official seal that this is an accurate representation of your academic history and it should be mailed directly to Oregon Tech by the institution.

Official transcripts or certificates must be mailed to:

Oregon Tech Admissions
3201 Campus Dr.
Klamath Falls OR 97601

Q. Can I email you my transcripts and certificates to find out if I can be admitted?


We can give you general information about how your background might apply to an Oregon Tech program, but we are unable to make admissions decisions until we receive a complete application and official transcripts.

Q. The primary language in my country is English. Do I have to provide a transcript evaluation?


Even though the English language was used in instruction, we will still ask for a translation of your transcripts into U.S. standards. Please be sure to request a course-by-course evaluation for this purpose.

Q. How do I provide a transcript evaluation?

Q. I am taking courses at another American university. How do I know if they will transfer to Oregon Tech?


Many course equivalencies can be found on Oregon Tech's Transfer Articulation page. When you apply for admission Oregon Tech will review your official transcripts to determine whether you are eligible. The Registrar's office provides a complete transfer evaluation after admission so you will know which courses transfer to Oregon Tech from other universities. This includes courses taken in other countries. In order to determine which international courses transfer, we will also require official transcripts and a translation of those transcripts into English (if necessary) and into U.S. standards on a course-by-course basis.

Q. If a student has completed a program in another country such as radiology, dental hygiene, or a medical imaging modality, can they transfer those credits to Oregon Tech?


Standards for licensure and academic coursework vary considerably around the world. Because of these differences it is very difficult for Oregon Tech to grant credit for previous coursework in medical profession majors. International students must complete all of the pre-requisite and major coursework for undergraduate programs in health profession majors, even if they are already practicing in their home country.

Tuition & Fees, Scholarships, and Other College Costs

Q. What is the cost of tuition at Oregon Tech?


You can use the tuition and fee calculator to estimate costs for the major of your choice. International students pay Non-Resident tuition rate. Tuition and fees are subject to change from year to year.

Q. Does Oregon Tech offer financial aid or scholarships to international students?


Unfortunately, Oregon Tech does not currently provide scholarships or financial aid to international students, except for Leadership & Diversity Scholarships