Call for Proposals!

Good morning, Colleagues

OREC (Oregon Renewable Energy Center) is excited to announce this year’s opportunity to apply for Renewable Energy Applied Research and Innovation (RERI) Grant Funds 2023-2024.

OREC is funded by the Oregon State Legislature hosted and based in Oregon Tech and has the mission of developing Renewable Energy (RE) technologies that can help accelerate the transition to Renewable Energy, specifically in the state of OR.

Proposals can range from $5K to $50K and may have focused on the wide range of renewable energy (RE generation: geothermal, wind, solar, etc.; Energy storage/conversion: battery, fuel cells, hydrogen, etc.; Energy conservation: smart building, etc.).  With the exception of hydro/water-based (which is excluded from RE in view of the state of OR), all applied RE research and innovations, specifically for the unique conditions (climate, geography, economic, social, etc.) of Oregon state are solicited.

Please have the attached form and guidelines to learn more about this opportunity. Please read the Call for Proposals (CFP) thoroughly. Submissions should include sections 1-9 outlined in the CFP.

Submit proposals electronically to Dr. Arief Budiman, Director, OREC at arief.budiman@oit.edu by November 24th, 2023, at 5:00 PM to receive consideration. Please direct questions to me about this Call for Proposals.


OREC promotes energy conservation and renewable energy use in Oregon and throughout the Northwest through applied research, educational programs, and practical information. Wise energy use is the foundation for a sustainable economy, good jobs, and economic prosperity.


Investigates renewable energy technologies and opportunities for using them
Assesses which technologies are appropriate for particular circumstances
Applies promising technologies with effective instrumentation and controls
Evaluates technologies using testing and economic analysis
Informs the public through training and university classes, educational materials, and technical data

About OREC

As a public purpose, applied research center created by the Oregon State Legislature, OREC speeds the integration and optimization of renewable energy resources with current power generation systems, and accelerates clean energy technologies in collaboration with industry partners.

Given the increasingly urgent global focus on reducing carbon and increasing energy efficiency, OREC will become even more important to Oregon in the next decade, by helping to preserve our environment as well as sustain industry competitiveness, growth and development.

Based on Oregon Tech's trusted history of advancing renewable energy solutions in Oregon for over 30 years, the Legislature authorized the Center in Oregon Statute in 2001.

OREC has a 15 year history of successful execution, producing a 10-year ROI for state funds invested of 4.3 to 1.

Our Mission

Enhance development and promote availability of renewable energy through; Energy Systems Engineering, Applied Research, Technical Assistance and Information Dissemination, Academic Degree Programs and Industrial Training and Development.

Our Vision

Grow Oregon Renewable Energy Center into a vibrant, globally recognized preeminent center that expands the use of renewable energy and serves the needs of local, state and regional renewable energy industries and people.

OREC for the next decade:

  • Approach-specific strategy. Oregon Tech is proposing to combine OREC's capabilities with Oregon Tech’s additional capabilities in manufacturing, software, embedded systems, and business to capture a market niche that is not technology-specific, nor industry-specific, but approach-specific.
  • Leveraging Oregon’s unique breadth of renewable energy sources. Oregon is a unique place in the world with its access to wind, wave, hydro, geothermal coal, gas and solar energy. These natural resource advantages position OREC to be a unique center for collaboration with companies, other universities, and communities seeking expertise and lower-cost solutions as they experiment, disrupt and innovate.
  • OREC will focus in five program areas, utilizing faculty expertise and shared equipment laboratories at its applied research centers or within industry partner locations:
    1. Energy system integration, power and controls, and grid security
    2. Clean Tech testing, prototyping, embedded systems designs, validation
    3. Manufacturability: materials, processes, robotics
    4. Entrepreneurship: multi-disciplinary projects and invention
    5. Policy analysis and support

What OREC can do:

  • Developing prototypes for solar, wave and other energy devices
  • Testing the manufacturability of new products
  • Battery characterization and testing; expanding storage capabilities
  • Optimization of hybrid vehicle control systems
  • Building and testing customized components to reduce production costs
  • Selecting materials, assessing strength of materials, especially composites and metals
  • Manufacturing product or process improvements; manufacturing controls and robotics
  • Product development and remote monitoring of solar energy systems
  • Utilizing geothermal energy to accelerate food and agricultural products
  • Geothermal combined with solar for boosting solar output in hybridized systems
  • Training on the use of Oregon Tech’s unique geothermal resource

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