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Verification, Special Circumstances and Additional Info Requests

If the Oregon Tech Financial Aid office has requested additional documents from you, please review the following common document requests.

For additional details, please review the request on Web for Student or contact the financial aid office. If your FAFSA has been selected for verification by the US Department of Education or any other documents have been requested from you, you must turn in the required documents before any federal or state financial aid will be disbursed.

Independent and Dependent Verification Requests

What is Verification?

The U.S. Department of Education selects certain FAFSA applications to be checked for the accuracy of information. This means the Oregon Tech Financial Aid Office is required to gather specific documentation from the student to prove accurate FAFSA results. Without this complete documentation, a student will not receive aid from the Federal Government. Sometimes students will experience changes to their financial aid eligibility following the verification process.

Why was I selected?

FAFSA records are selected by the US Department of Education processor. Your school’s financial aid office does not have the selection criteria. Many times FAFSA records are selected because of potential errors made when a student and/or parent files the FAFSA.

What do I need to turn in?

Depending on the type of verification selection, you will need to turn in an Oregon Tech specific verification worksheet, which can be found at www.oit.edu/faid/forms. If it is a V1 Verification requests, our office will also need Federal Tax Return Transcripts or the IRS Data Retrieval Tool used. The worksheet and information requested will be found on your Web for Student.

Make sure you have selected the correct document as there are Independent and Dependent Worksheets.

What if I had special circumstances when filing my taxes?

If you Amended your Federal Tax Return, had a Joint Tax Return and are now separated, Divorced or Widowed or if you filed an extension please see the following link for instruction on what needs to be submitted to the Financial Aid office.
Special Circumstances for Federal Tax Return Filers

Tax Return Transcript or IRS Data Retrieval Tool

A Tax Return Transcript will be requested for the verification process. This is not a copy of a filed tax return. This can be submitted by using the IRS Data Retrieval tool on the FAFSA or ordering a Tax Return Transcript from the IRS (www.irs.gov or 800.908.9946).

Proof of Citizenship

Acceptable documents include copies of passport, certificate of naturalization or citizenship, or birth certificate.

Documents need to be either shown in person to the Financial Aid office at the Klamath Falls campus or shown to the Portland-Metro campus. If this is not an option, students will need to have a copy notarized before submitting the document to the Financial Aid office.

Verify Bachelor’s Degree

This request is to verify if a student’s FAFSA was correct in stating that the student has a previous bachelor’s degree. If a student does have a bachelor’s degree, he or she will need to confirm this by calling or emailing the Financial Aid office. No additional documents need to be submitted.

If the student does not have a bachelor’s degree, it means a question was answered incorrectly on the FAFSA. The student will need to correct the error and then let the Financial Aid office know the error was corrected.