Fiscal Operations Advisory Council (FOAC)

The Fiscal Operations Advisory Council (FOAC) is a joint council of faculty, administrative staff, and students for the purpose of advising the President on budget and financial matters. FOAC will participate in the general operating fund budget planning process; review the call for budget development from the President; and recommend fiscal management priorities to align with the strategic goals of Oregon Tech considering both the long-range fiscal priorities and budget planning as well as immediate fiscal and budgetary issues. FOAC will review the institution’s annual budget and advise the President on the development of new budget initiatives. As needed, FOAC will review and advise on the format for reporting the annual budget to the campus community. The Council will function as an integral group in strategic planning activities, with a university-wide perspective.

Members of FOAC include the Provost; the Vice Presidents for Finance and Administration, and Student Affairs; the Vice Provost for Research and Academic Affairs; three committee members selected from the University staff and administration appointed by the President; a member of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee appointed by the Faculty Senate President; a representative of Administrative Council appointed by the president of Administrative Council; a representative of the Budget and Resource Planning office appointed by the Vice President for Finance and Administration; the ASOIT President(s)(or designees);and four senior faculty members appointed jointly by the President and the Faculty Senate President. The Faculty Senate President will advance at least six names annually to the President for consideration. The chair is appointed by the President.

Chair 2021-24 Don DaSaro Business Management
Provost and Vice President 2022-23 Joanna Mott Academic Affairs
Vice President 2022-23 John Harman Finance and Administration
Vice President 2022-23 Erin Foley Student Affairs
Vice Provost 2022-23 Abdy Afjeh Research and Academic Affairs
Administrative Council Representative 2022-23 Carleen Drago Starr Educational Part/Outreach
AVP of Finace & Controler 2022-24 Alicia Dillon Financial Operations
Senate Executive Representative 2022-23 Yuehai Yang Faculty Senate Vice President
University Administrative Staff Representative 1 2022-23 Ken Fincher Development
University Administrative Staff Representative 2 2021-23 Ken Sartain Academic Affairs
University Administrative Staff Representative 3 2021-24 Mandi Clark Housing and Residence Life
Faculty 1 2021-24 Rose Mcclure Natural Sciences
Faculty 2 2022-25 Mark Neupert Humanaties & Social Science
Faculty 3 2022-25 David Hammond Applied Mathematics
Faculty 4 2021-24 Dibyajyoti Deb Applied Mathematics
Klamath Falls ASOIT Representative 2022-23 Diana Escamilla ASOIT
Portland-Metro ASOIT President 2022-23 Nawaf AlWahaibi ASOIT
Executive Assistant 2022-23 Celia Green Finance and Administration

Council Meetings

Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Fiscal Operations Advisory Council (FOAC) Meeting


Time: 8:00am

Location: CEET Conference Room 250

Time: 4:00pm

Location: CEET Conference Room 250

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