2017-18 Oregon Tech Foundation Teaching Grant
The Commission on College Teaching (CCT) is charged with promoting teaching and learning, which in the most comprehensive sense includes any projects, studies or activities that promote the learning climate, foster a spirit of critical inquiry in students and faculty alike, stimulate the intellectual life at Oregon Tech, or support the integration of the arts and sciences with the technologies at Oregon Tech.   

For the second year in a row, the Oregon Tech Foundation has voted as a board to provide the opportunity for faculty to submit an Oregon Tech Foundation Teaching Grant Request.  The Commission on College Teaching reviews all grant proposals and decides on awards.

Deadlines to submit for Teaching Grant Request:

Fall Term:  Monday, November 2, 2020
Winter Term:  Monday, January 25, 2021
Spring Term:  Monday April 12, 2021


2020-21 Oregon Tech Foundation Teaching Grant

The Oregon Tech Foundation has identified the following categories for which we welcome grant requests:

The Oregon Tech Foundation is interested in supporting teaching activities and innovations. The goal of these funds will be to support high-impact practices that do not have a current funding source at Oregon Tech. The Foundation has identified the following categories for which we welcome grant requests:

I. SERVICE LEARNING AND COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS - to support service learning at Oregon Tech:
     a) support for service learning projects (ex: supplies, transportation, materials, etc.)
     b) support for the development of an institutional awareness of service learning (Instructor stipends or releases are not allowed under this grant.  Funding can be made to the Instructor's department.)

II. INNOVATION AND INDUSTRY PARTNERSHIPS - to strengthen industry connections and foster innovation, 
     a) industry-connected coursework/projects;
     b) interdisciplinary industry-supported senior projects in collaboration with the Office of Strategic Partnerships;
     c) industry focus groups to gather input and validation for curriculum tied to innovation, entrepreneurship or interdisciplinary studies;
     d) innovative ways to utilize the Oregon Connections platform to link faculty and students to needs of educational partners in regional communities.

III. TECHNOLOGY FOR HANDS-ON LEARNING - to support faculty purchases of technology to support instruction:
     a) innovative instructional tools (digital/physical) to support individual or collaborative learning;
     b) technology support for innovative pedagogy.

IV. UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH - to support the development of student-lead research at Oregon Tech:   
     a) support for students attending or presenting at professional conferences.

All successful grant proposals must include a description of how the project will be formally presented to Oregon Tech faculty, staff, and/or students. In addition, the Oregon Tech Foundation expects each successful grant recipient to provide an appropriate presentation to the Oregon Tech Foundation Board at one of their regularly scheduled meetings. All grant recipients are also expected to write and submit a brief project summary after completion to address outcomes evaluation, implications for future impact.

All proposals for funding should include sufficient information for the Foundation to thoroughly understand and evaluate your needs. Be sure to include basic facts such as costs, time frame, intended participants and/or audience, applicability to your needs, and the needs of other programs/departments, etc. You are encouraged to attach additional information, including brochures, evaluations, other financial support for the proposal, etc.  In writing your proposal, you are encouraged to address the objectives above. A proposal need not be strong in all areas, but must be strong at least in some.

Previous Grant Recipients