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In response to COVID 19, the Admission’s Office will be available remotely from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday-Thursday.

If you would like to meet with an Admissions Counselor by phone or zoom, please email oit@oit.edu or call 541-885-1150 to be directed to your counselor.

Applying for Admission to Oregon Tech Portland-Metro

Oregon Tech Portland-Metro suggests you visit campus before applying. This visit will allow you to get more detailed information about Oregon Tech Portland-Metro, admissions requirements, and answers to your general questions. If you have already applied and been admitted, please call 503.821.1250 for an advising session to map out the most direct path to reach your educational goals and objectives.

Once you have been on a campus visit, you may complete and submit the appropriate application. The majority of Oregon Tech Portland-Metro students use a Dual Enrollment Application in cooperation with one of our local Community College partners. This allows students finishing their associate degree to get a jump start on their bachelor's degree. The Dual Enrollment programs also allow students to take lower division classes that Oregon Tech Portland-Metro may not offer at the time. Oregon Tech offers rolling admissions throughout the year, but you should observe our admission deadlines for each term. March 1st is Oregon Tech's priority application deadline for scholarships and other financial aid. Having a valid FAFSA on file by the date assists students in maximizing their eligibility for limited funds.

Please read through the various admission requirements. If you need additional information or have questions, please call 503.821.1250 or 1.800.422.2017. We want to help you achieve your educational goals!

Admission Options

Transfer Admission Requirements

Oregon Tech Portland-Metro welcomes applications from transfer students who have previously earned college-level credit from regionally accredited institutions of higher education. At least 36 quarter credits (24 semester credits) are required to be admitted on the basis of college record alone.

  • Transfer applicants must have a cumulative 2.25 GPA or better in college-level classes unless they hold an associate or bachelor's degree already, in which case, only a cumulative 2.0 GPA is required.
  • In order to be admitted to Oregon Tech, transfer applicants must complete the equivalent of MATH 95 Intermediate Algebra (or higher) and WRI 115 Introduction to Writing (or higher) with grades of C- or better.
  • Applicants who do not have an associate or bachelor's degree must have at least 36 quarter credits. No more than three of these credits can be in Physical Education and no more than ten percent of an applicant's total credits may be in Physical Education.

Records from all post-secondary institutions must be submitted for consideration. Applicants who graduated from high school after 1996 must also submit official high-school transcripts, unless they have completed two terms of college-level study in a second language.

Students with international transcripts must also have transcripts translated into English and into US standards on a course-by-course basis by an approved transcript evaluation service. There are multiple transcript evaluation services that are acceptable:

Applicants who have earned 12 to 35 college-level credit hours must also provide high-school transcripts or GED scores. In some cases, these students must submit SAT/ACT scores. Admission will be based on both high school and post-secondary records. Any student with 12 or more college credits must meet the minimum 2.25 cumulative college GPA.

A Transfer Evaluation Report acknowledging the courses accepted by the university will be available to the applicant after admission status has been confirmed, prior to the planned term of enrollment. Acceptance of vocational/technical courses may be granted after registration if the student's administering department determines the courses have satisfied certain baccalaureate requirements. In all cases, course and/or department pre-requisites will be enforced.

Dual Enrollment Admission Requirements

Through our dual enrollment program, our students can take classes at Chemeketa, Clackamas, Mt. Hood, or Portland Community College while they earn their degree from Oregon Tech. It's a unique program that brings affordable education to students and working professionals around the state, and it starts with one simple application process. Interested students should review Oregon Tech's Transfer Student Admission Requirements to discover more about admission standards.

Freshman Admission Requirements

We welcome Freshman to start their journey with Oregon Tech. Freshman students are defined as high school graduates or GED recipients who have not been previously enrolled as degree-seeking students at a college or university. Students with no prior college credit can be admitted to Oregon Tech Wilsonville through one of our Dual Enrollment Programs. You will need to submit an official high-school transcript or GED scores for evaluation. You also must meet Oregon Tech's requirements for freshman admission and high-school core requirements.

International Admission Requirements

Oregon Tech welcomes international students as applicants and as vital members of our campus community. We are certified to admit F-1 visa applicants to a variety of international and exchange programs. International students who wish to pursue a degree at Oregon Tech Wilsonville should review the information on the International Admission page carefully.

Graduate Admission Requirements

Oregon Tech Wilsonville offers Graduate Programs designed to provide students with opportunities for advanced study in various disciplines. Graduates will develop the technical competence required for leadership roles in business and industry. Students interested in one of these advanced degrees should review the Graduate Program Admission Requirements and the requirements for the individual programs offered.

Non-Degree Student Seeking Admission Requirements

Non-Degree status is an option for students seeking:

  1. Classes for personal enrichment, special interest, or to enhance job skills
  2. Coursework without necessarily seeking a degree at Oregon Tech
  3. Part-time enrollment for students who do not yet meet Oregon Techs admission requirements for dual enrollment

To qualify as a non-degree student, you must take fewer than eight credit hours per quarter, you must not be seeking a degree, and you must not have been admitted to the university in the past. Financial aid is not available to non-degree students. Non-degree applications must be submitted no later than two weeks after the start of class. Official transcripts are not required to become a non-degree student, but students must provide them to verify pre-requisites for registration purposes. International students who are attending another college or university may take classes from Oregon Tech as a non-degree with prior permission from their international student advisor at the institution holding the I-20. Non-degree students are subject to the Registration Policies of the Office of the Registrar.

Non-degree students are cautioned that taking classes as a non-degree student does not guarantee eventual admission to Oregon Tech. Non-degree students, even those who perform well in their Oregon Tech classes, must also meet eligibility requirements for Freshman or Transfer admissions requirements to be formally admitted for degree completion.

Steps to Admission

  1. Complete appropriate application.
  2. Pay the $50 non-refundable application fee.
  3. Submit official transcripts from all colleges attended.
  4. Submit official SAT or ACT scores, if transferring fewer than 36 credits and if you graduated from high school less than five years ago.
  5. Submit official high school transcripts if you graduated from high school in or after 1997. If you graduated prior to 1997, or have earned at least 36 college credits including completion of two or more terms of college-level coursework in a second language at an accredited institution, high school transcripts are not required.

Once we have received all of the items to apply, Admissions will make a decision and contact you regarding registration. Once admitted, the Registrar's Office in Klamath Falls will complete a Transfer Evaluation Report, which will include the number of transferable college credits, your cumulative GPA in the transferable work, and which general-education requirements you have fulfilled. This will be made available to you on Web for Student. If the evaluation of your college transcripts shows that you have less than 36 hours of transferable work, you will be asked to send high school transcripts and official SAT or ACT test scores. Acceptance of vocational/technical courses may be granted after registration if your administering department determines the courses have satisfied certain baccalaureate requirements. In all cases, course and/or department prerequisites will be enforced.

2019-20 Admission Deadlines

Application Deadlines & Forms

June 1, 2020: summer 2020 term admissions deadline
June 22, 2020: summer 2020 term begins

September 9, 2020: fall term 2020 application deadline
September 21, 2020: fall term 2020 begins

International Deadlines:

May 1, 2020: fall term 2020 application deadline

**For all remaining international student deadlines, go here.

A complete application must be in the Admissions Office by these deadlines. A complete application includes official copies of transcripts, test scores, and other items depending on your status. The Priority Deadline for Admissions Scholarships for students entering in the Fall Term is March 1 of each year. View all deadlines

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